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  1. Hi Paul, Thank you, it will be uploaded very soon. Cheers Danny
  2. My first attempt at the RAF P8A ZP801. I originally posted in the PMDG General Forum. The aircraft has since updated as the Red Warning Arrows on the engines weren't on (now they are). Danny
  3. Hi all, Hope you don't mind me posting this here. I have been working on a RAF Livery (ZP801). Just want feedback. I'm new to this repainting. Cheers Danny.
  4. mikea76 says it right here. At previous events, I have stuck to the script of giving a review of where we are and where we are headed along with a bit of Question & Answer tacked on the end. Sure, we will do all of that, but it will take up only a minimal amount of time in the larger scale of our presentation. Instead, for this presentation at the FlightSim Expo’18 event, we will be focused primarily on unveiling a new product line that is so closely held, nobody outside of PMDG has seen it, heard of it, or even been made aware that it exists. This product has been percolating in the background at PMDG since mid 2008, and we have finally reached a point where we feel the product is ready to carry our vision of PMDG’s products into the future.
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