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  1. NP, I've got the plane up and running thanks to some help from the others. It works great now. Thank you sir.Alex
  2. Can you PM me your AP_control_coeffs.dat then? xD (It says that it was last modified in 10/23/2005, dno if it is the original or not)I'm a bit lazy to reinstall. =DAlex
  3. Yup sir, I have edited the 773ER aircraft config with your settings, and replaced the .air file with yours.My POSKY 773ER actually comes from the "Mega Merge 777" months ago i found from someone else on the net. But i just took their exterior model and panel.cfg, it shouldn't have much of an effect right? Your FDE tweak only affects the aircraft.cfg and the .air file. But as I said again, the plane is flying like mad with your settings. Any help would be appreciated.Alex
  4. sorry to report but it seems like the B773ER config has some serious problems. =(On my first try, after it takeoff the plane was climbing but met turbulence. The plane immediately transformed into a dolphin after hitting turbulence. (going up and down, up and down...... non-stop, although it was still climbing)On my second try, the plane took off but failed to engage VNAV, at around 18,000 feet i disengaged the autopilot to see if i could fix the problem. Immediately the plane rotated to 90 degrees and stalled. I got out of the stall, but the plane decided to make wild maneuvers all over the place, and I finally crashed after fighting the plane for a min.Please help, is there any solution?Alex(P.S. your .air file for the B773ER actually works well on the default PSS 777 though! But not with the merge, im sorry)
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