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  1. Thanks so much for all the posts especially the last one. That was my problem! Hnery
  2. Hello gb This morning I have alternated between WideAspectView=True/False and each time come out of the PC and in again, same with FSX but no change whatsoever. When FSX loads on a runway you see the runway and scenery either side. but no cockpit. I then zoom out and get the top of the glareshield stretched across the bottom of the 3 monitors. I use Ctrl and enter to get a little further zoom but nothing much at all. I have to pan to use the FMC etc. with the instruments too large and close. This appears to be a zoom problem in 3D. Any further ideas? Hnery
  3. I had lost WideViewAspect=True from the Cfg file. I have put it back under GRAPHICS Display Nvidia GTX780. Is this o-kay? It still does not solve my problem of too much cockpit showing on the 3 screens. Hnery
  4. Thanks everybody for your suggestions. The keys have helped. I'll struggle on with the problem Hnery
  5. Thanks. I have only found widescreen aspect in the cfg. file. I have changed this from false to true. It hasn't made any difference and how do I move the eye point further back. Whilst here at Avsim how do I alter the viewpoint from a skew point to a centre point? I can't find the - on the altimeter button because it is hidden by the skewed view. Hnery
  6. I have just set up 3x24" monitors using the graphics card GTX780. Surround installed correctly but I cannot zoom out far enough using "-" to get enough of the cockpit showing . The cockpit is spread over the three monitors and I cannot get it out far enough to mainly show in the centre monitor with scenery showing on the left and right monitors. How do the simmers get this right as is often seen on u tube videos? Hnery
  7. I am using the Wilco A380v2. When the aircraft is parked or on the runway prior to take off if I change view from the cockpit to outside the aircraft it jumps slightly and I get "too low flaps and cockpit announcement regarding stowing articles etc. and then thank you for flying with us". Any idea what causes this? Using Windows 7. It is the only problem I get with this software. Hnery
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