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  1. .One more question. I updated P3D no problems far easier than I thought , thanks. Do I now have the latest version ? including Hot Fix 1 & 2. Thanks
  2. Hi I at last plan to Update to V 4.5 And have some questions. I plan to use the full download . Will deleting the Client, Content and Scenery Components delete all my add on Aircraft and Payware Scenery ? I have the Aerosoft A320/321 installed on my D drive, do I need to uninstall this also, and reinstall.? What happens to WX, ATC etc addons installed outside P3D, and FSUIPC ? I installed P3D in Feb this year and this is my first Update. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thanks everybody I will be getting the Q 400. Is it worth paying the extra for the Pro version ?
  4. Thanks both of you , Carenado of course not Aerosoft my mistake.
  5. I recently moved from FS9 to P3D and loved the Flight 1 ATR 72-500 on FS9 How does the new Aerosoft 72 - 500 compare ? Can you put the throttles into the Auto Slot and climb on IAS mode ? all videos I have seen on YouTube show V/S climb which is not realistic and possible dangerous. I will buy it if it is as good and as realistic as the FS9 version. Anybody used both? Thanks Steve Cooper
  6. Hi I am soon moving from FS9 to a new PC Win10 with P3D Has anyone tried will it load? I would love to fly the MD11 in P3D Thanks
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