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  1. You know SuperG, you are 100% correct. I think I just temporarily flipped out. Being in the situation I'm in with regards to my health, gaining and holding perspective aren't the easiest of tasks for me right now. I thank you for your time and the nudge back to sensibility. Not to mention, it's a darn good time to "Re-spark an old flame" or two with some of the other lovely ladies in my fleet! Lastly, thank you for the well wishes regarding my impending surgery. As of now, I'm still quite sick, and judged not stable enough to undergo the procedure yet, but it was kind of you to express your sentiment, and it is much appreciated! See ya 'round the ranch, and may your logbook always contain the proper ratio of takeoffs to landings! Robert
  2. I've been in this hobby (and REAL aviation) since the Apple IIE Computer. I've seen SO many of the latest and greatest expansion pre-release hype and the downright overreacting, childish, impatient frenzy that some get themselves worked up into a lather over with these things from day 1 pretty much. The developers for the most part can tune most of it out and concentrate on the real task at hand, delivering on what they just promised you. They'll say that they don't feel the pressure, or in anyway compelled to rush a half complete, sub-standard product out the door to the teeming masses just to hear the cash register slam into overdrive and start throwing rods and blowing gaskets. They say. I've imagined myself in that position MANY times, and they'd all have to be some non-human, physically, emotionally, and indeed psycologically detatched lot in order to NOT feel the pressure. Certain devs are better at coping with the mass hysteria better than others, PMDG being a prime example. In many cases, wresting control once again and restoring some semblance of order. IMHO, I'd say PMDG is the Rolls Royce of the FS add-on community. A certain "Quality over quickness" approach, and "we'll release it on release day." attitude that angers, frustrates, indeed, infuriates some. But, at the end, we get to install on our computer a kind of "Electronic artistry" that VERY few developers in this industry would dare dream of creating. And they do it under CONSTANT barrage of at least "Best left for a later date" questions to inane, pointless, and overall impractical questions for a given state of development. With the T7, PMDG got me to do something I would never for a second consider when purchasing from any other developer, and had never done with even them. I shelled out over 100 dollars (as did we all I know) to purchase a product that couldn't have been on the download servers more than a half hour. THIS is my hobby, I LOVE it, and I'm ALL in!!! If it's something I have interest in, looks unique,or one of those harder to define "I GOTTA have THIS one!" feelings we ALL get when eyeballing a new gizmo for FS. I'll gladly fork over the cash for it...AFTER it's been around a bit, IF the overall word is good or at least not negative. I've NEVER gotten "buyer's regret" from PMDG, Well, Mom said never say that word. After Ops Center 1.5 something threw it's 1st puke troubles started for me, And things have degraded now to the point I have no Ops Center at all. To learn that there are a few of you with at least PARTIAL functionallity with OC is all at once a suprise, shock and mystery. I don't get the disparity between those that have limited, vs. those of us with none (to be entirely fair, I don't know that there are anymore besides myself with NO OC) As instructed, I've listed my gripes here, sent along what logs (IF ANY) are being produced at this point, and overall monitored the situation as best I can. But the last TWO emails I've sent to PMDG have gone unanswered. (and YES i've checked my spam filter, as well as added every publically available email address PMDG has to my "safe" list) Currently, I have a severe infection being caused by MASSIVE Kidney stones that my Dr. informs me are far too large to EVER pass on their own. Surgery is next. AFTER they can get and keep my temp below 104. So, out of the gate I'm an unhappy camper ATM, so to add the fact that I've plunked down over a hundred dollars for a completely un-useable product, and I am now having difficulty even having my emails acknowledged? I think it's VERY fair to say I'll remember this when the already MUCH discussed (speculated) 747 v2.0 is released...And for a long time after, as well. May all your logbooks show the correct ratio of takeoffs to landings! Robert
  3. Argh the anxious tension and anticipation I feel!!! 2 shiny new Nvidia 2Gig GTX 760's all SLI'ed and ready to GO! But until this ops center thing gets sorted... May your logbooks always maintain the correct ratio of landings to takeoffs! Robert
  4. Greetings Ryan and all other fellow T7 fanatics! Uhh...HUGE problem here!!! Operations Center was doing an update this morning, and it's been stable awhile, so I didn't bother even looking after the update finished. A little while ago, I went to launch Ops Center to go fly the T7 for awhile, I opened up the Ops folder, and was greeted MUCH to my horror, by the sight of...NOTHING! That's right, nothing. Zero. Zip, nil, zilch, nada. Just an empty folder! Any other T7 drivers experience this? Both the Update, and Ops center log files are in their usual place and intact, but the folder containing the executable for ops in the start menu is just empty, so I will fire these right to your email as requested just as soon as I finish this post, Ryan...BTW, you and your fellow tech gurus at PMDG are doing a SUPERB job, FAR and ABOVE the call of duty, working endless, and selfless, depriving yourselves of relaxation, entertainment and fun, so that we may have ours. And for (from what I've gathered mostly 'lurking' on this and several other commercial product forums) little to no thanks at all. I think that's absolutely inexcusable IMHO, and would like to extend a sincere and BIG "Thanks to you and your whole team for all your devotion and effort!" The way I see it, us customers owe ALL you folks a tall frosty mug of your favorite adult beverage, and I'd be happy to buy the 1st round! Take care, and may your logbook always contain a correct ratio of landings to takeoffs! Robert (NO, not "THE ROBERT", just a coincidence LOL.
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