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    I belong to Delta Virtual Airlines, I am a Captain of several different planes

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  1. vergilmarquardt

    PMDG737ng on my saved flights engines cut out

    Hi Kyle Thanks for your help,I still cannot figure out what to do to fix problem where I would not have to have the mixture control set forward to keep engines running I never to do this before,now I have a another problem, I have everything set up for a flight engines running, FMC set up I push back but now the nosewheels will only turn to the right,I just keep going in a circle to the right, Do you have any idea what is wrong, perhaps I will have to uninstall and reinstall plane to see if that would help, my other planes are ok. appreciate it if you could hep me on this Thanks Vergil Marquardt
  2. Hi On all of my flights that I have saved flying the PMDG737ngx when I start the flight the engines are running,then engines cut out,the only way I can keep engines running is when I move my MIX control ahead on my CH yoke,then everything works good again. If I move mix control back engines cut out.anyone have an idea what is wrong or what I can do. it was running good since I had it 3 years thanks Vergil Marquardt
  3. vergilmarquardt

    Saving flight with with FSX

    Hi again I done what you told me to do but still have the flickrering on screen,ca you thnk of anything else I could try, I noI ill have to sen d a ticket to uport to see if they can help. thanks or your help Vergil Marquardt
  4. vergilmarquardt

    Saving flight with with FSX

    Hi thanks for your information,I made the change to medium but it still shows on hig and still flickers, I cannot get it to stay o mediu,goes right baack to high,any ideas thanks Vergil Marquardt
  5. Hi I am trying to learn how to fly the J4100 I am doing the tutorial now,my question is when I get plan into the FMS and I save the flight in also the flight simulator, or would it be better to save the plan in the FMS, also I have a lot of flickering on cockpit screen,anyone know why this is. Thanks Vergil Marquardt
  6. vergilmarquardt

    Oil gauges not showing up on PMDG737ngx

    Hi I had to to reinstall PMDG737ngxas I was having a problem with it locking up, every thing seems to be ok on except on my oil gauges,does not show the numbers on it,I was trying to find something someone had sent that when you uninstall and reinstall,yor have to make sure everything was uninstalled on this plane could anyone tell me what folders I have to check to make sure everything has been taking out. would it hurt if I just installed PMDG737ngx without taking out all files. I have windows8 64bit in fsx.anyone else flying this plane with windows8, without any problems,PMDG does not have support for windows8. thanks Vergil Marquardt