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  1. See the VoxATC manual pages 82-83. Make sure firewall settings are correct. I got it to work (v7.41)... but was having problems with the voice configuration on the server. A windows issue I think. I haven't been back to resolve that. But it otherwise connected and appeared to be working (minus voices).
  2. I received this email from Tegwyn back in October. I think others have had more recent responses from him. Knowing how software development goes... I'm waiting patiently. I know He'll come through for us. Hello We are working on a new version of VoxATC that will work with P3D V3. But release is a couple of months away. Regards Tegwyn West
  3. I second this request. I too am considering a TrackIR purchase and am wondering the same thing. I've already read some comparisons... but would always appreciate anything anyone else whose experienced 4 and/or 5 thinks. Given what I've read, my own thoughts on how I'd be using it... (mostly MS flight... and maybe IL2), and the fact that TrackIR 4 + Alaska DLC is probably less then TrackIR 5 alone I am leaning toward the 4. Thanks