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  1. i am working at "failed to read file" but icouldn't have this error.. i use win7 32 bit with 64 bit kerlen patch..maybe i didnt get this error i use this kernel patch... last night i had ctd error with %100 ai settings at Newyork at 3,5 gb memory usage...maybe i should work at memory limit for fsx.
  2. it isn't posible at this time... i will try it at my friend pc... i think you use 64 bit windows.... let me check what i need to do for 64 bit...
  3. i don't have sp2 installed on my pc and because of i couldn't test it. You got streng errors. i have check api.dll file and i coulnd't see any connect with "MSVCR80.dll" . i preffer to install Acceleration pack for you.... i need to know what errors i will get at beta test...of course i have to make new patcher for P3D... after test feedback i may creat an univeral install for patchers.... it looks like your memory mapping changed and fsx.exe couldn't reach files... it may be a bug for my patcher... i will check sapi.dll files to what it has...you may try to decress your settings to %50 before test it again.... maybe after i check sapi.dll we can try to incress it again... thanks again for testing....
  4. ok... i got it and i will work on it tomorrow.... i can't wait tomorrow to create patch.... Here it is for SP2 patcher: https://hotfile.com/dl/178169228/3804055/flight.simulator.x.oom.patcher.beta.for.sp2-patch.rar.html please test it let me know if it is work.... and i can't edit my first post for add SP2 Patcher link to there.... ıf someone could do it , i would be great....
  5. lol... if you send your SP2 api.dll then i will create a patcher for SP2... this patch for Fsx Acceleration... if you have sp2 then i will creat a patch for it soon...... you should wait new Patcher for SP2 and i have same name with coach Terim and i am fig fan of him.... you may have SP2... if dont have acceleration pack then wait for new patch..... i dont like P3D but i may make a patcher for it too at soon... you should wait for new patch for SP2..... And if someone has SP api.dll send it to me.... i will create a patcher for it too....
  6. read tops #6... the api.dll is in there but i can't say it is work it at your pc and if you doesn't get oom error then you doesn't need this patch.. you may try api.dll which is at post #6 . don't forget backup yor api.dll file... and if doesn't work then send it to me.... do you have sp2 installed for FSX?
  7. thanks again for tests.... and good luck...i think that you will land to KLAX B)
  8. test it and see what happen... too many applications reach memory limit and them doesn't crash ,freeze ot stop at 32bit .... FSUIPC check memory status too but it doesn't stop fsx.... maybe Peter Dawson add a option for "ping" after this patch at new version...
  9. i have used win7 32 bit with 64 bit kernel patch. because of fsx can reach 3 gb and more at my pc. for 32 bit kernel you may not go up 2 gb but you wont get oom error... and when you think that FSX had released ,a lot of the computers has 400mhz - 2 GB memory and has Windows Xp ... at this times when you reach the maximum memory usage, the computers coulndn't contiune to run and oftenly get blue screen errors...because of that the Microsoft has limited memory usage for stable run operation system. When The fsx reach at maximu memory the api.dll stops to work fsx and give all memory to your for your system healty.... I had tried this things to sloved oom error for my computer: "disable Data Execution Prevention(DEP), HIGHMEMFIX=1, /3gig switch, 64 bit kernel pacth , and mores" But i have always got oom errors.... i have being fly from 1997 at FS series and i tried all of things fo slove oom error.... Now we have 8 16 and 32 GB memory and we don't have any memory protect.... with this patch FSX won't control your memory usage for your system healty.... Thanks for your test.... i will be happy if you may try to up your traffic settings to more than %50 and tell us the result... Sometimes I got this error at approch to airport and i threw my mouse to wall two times. I changed my memory 4 times....... Now i have got try more than 20 long flight ( from NewYork to Paris with Aerosoft Manhattan + Paris VFR + FSGlobal + Ultimate terrain + REX + PMDG 747 and more... ) and i didn't get any error yet....
  10. For pacthed api.dll file may not work at your pc but here it is: https://hotfile.com/dl/178067351/01eac86/api.dll.html ... just copy it FSX folder and don't forget backup old one... And for your question, it doesn't important how many GB do you get this error and it doesn't depend large address aware...My computer has medium configuration and because of i got error message at 2 GB... i can't say you will use 4 or 6 or 8 GB but you won't get error message with it....
  11. Ok... Firstly , i have created this patcher with dup2 proccess patcher and because of your anti virus detect it potential virus... I have used Nod32 and i didn't get any virus error.. And second let me tell you how this patch works: The fsx has memory limit as 2 GB (for my configuration)... the api.dll file control the memory usage "HeapAlloc and HeapReAlloc" funtions... when the fsx.exe reach the 2 GB (for my configuration) memroy usage , the api.dll call error mesage with this function and teminate process... i have eleminated this error function... With this pacther api.dll control memory too but it doesn't get error mesage and doesn't terminate process....
  12. It has been long time i have worked for a out of memory patcher... and it is beta now. i need testers.. try it and tell me if you got any problem... Need FSX Acceleration and patcher will get backup orjinal api.dll. the api.dll is in "X:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\" folder... i have test it at manhattan scenery with full scenery and traffic settings. i have 8 gb ram and my computer used 2 gb for fsx.exe and fsx crashes witm oom error after 2 gb... after patch fsx.exe can reach more than 3 gb with any errors... Download: https://hotfile.com/dl/177929552/3972081/flight.simulator.x.out.of..memory.patcher.beta-patch.rar.html
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