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  1. The way I understand it, I'm pretty sure it's using airline specific options per livery by default. So each is different. If you were to change an option, and didn't click 'save default', it would go back to the original settings when you load up again. So if you change something make sure you click 'save default'. If you messed something up you can always go back to the default airline options again by clicking 'use airline settings'. Hope this makes sense.
  2. I have the same processor, with HT on. The following is what I have been using for about a week now and seems perfect so far: [JobScheduler] AffinityMask=65493 P3DCoreAffinityMask=65493 MainThreadScheduler=0 RenderThreadScheduler=1 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=2 This was recommended for a processor with 8 cores 16 logical from another post. Kind regards.
  3. Quite biased but my home airport EGCC Manchester is in desperate need of an update. Pier 1 was built and open almost 3 years ago, with more expansion expected in the next few years. I doubt we're going to see an update in P3D now since UK2000 has abondoned P3D completely. My only hope is for another developer to take lead of it.
  4. Thank you, this worked for me, so far! Doing a flight this morning in the 321SL, once engines were started I had constant stutters on the ground whilst taxiing. Still the same once airborne so I saved the flight and tried this fix, loaded back up from where I left off and it seemed to have disappeared. I'm now 1 hour into the flight and its still smooth. Opening the files with notepad, I had different entries in the 320 compared to the 321 strangely enough. I have a feeling these files were left behind from previous versions as this was the first time flying the 321 since the update. The 320 I had flown previously which maybe why I didn't have this issue yesterday as I did a flight yesterday in the 320SL and had zero problems with stuttering, was smooth from start to finish. Previously I had always ticked the box when prompted by FSLabs to optimise CPU policy. I deleted the above files and it asked me again on loading up P3D but this time I unticked it. Thanks again, Happy New Year
  5. I stumbled upon this issue the other day too. When I would first load into P3D CPU was running at the max clock speed, but throttled itself back down after a few minutes in the sim. I noticed it was probably going down to about 10% too. One way to overcome this is to change the minimum processor state percentage. You can find this in power options settings. Go to the old control panel, search by small icons and select 'Power Options'. Change plan settings and then Change advanced power settings. Scroll to Processor power management and change Minimum processor state to 100%. I revert this back to 5% once I've closed P3D and it's not in use. Bit of a pain to keep changing it every time you open P3D but it seems to work better for my sim. Hope this helps.
  6. I have an i7 11700k after upgrading from an i7 7700k. If overclocked correctly then temperatures aren't actually as bad a people make out, granted it still is a hot chip, but the same can be said about AMD's 5000 series. I'm using a Corsair H100i Capellix AIO. I peak at around 50 degrees C under load when running P3D etc! My overclock peak is 4.9 but is set to different clock speeds depending on CPU usage. When running P3D it's at 4.7, and having tried higher clock speeds I haven't noticed much difference with performance going any higher. I set it to 5.2 and gained 4-6 fps, with temps peaking around 75. I feel like I don't really need to push it this high as average FPS is way above 30 even at 4.7 (using FSL/PMDG and heavy scenery etc). So from a 7700 to 11700 I noticed a huge difference, couldn't really comment on 9900 to 11700 though.
  7. In the NGXu I picked up a few spots after departure from EGPF yesterday. It wasn't much but it is there.
  8. Navigraph charts is supported on the EFB. Showcased here.
  9. Hi Darren, Make sure you have dynamic lighting enabled in 'Lighting' settings. If it is, then make sure the scenery you are using has dynamic lighting. Latest addon scenery usally comes with it by default, but if not then there are sometimes updates available for it. Also check out iniBuilds dynamic lighting
  10. I have a feeling it is linked to HDR with EA on. Try turning off HDR in the P3D config. [GRAPHICS] HDR=0 This is what I use in combination with Reshade.
  11. I agree. To me it has always looked something like sleet in the sim. I'm quite happy with the fact you can't see it as much now - so long as it shows droplets on the cockpit windows, and airport scenery depicts wet runways/taxiways.
  12. Envshade has just been updated to support 5.1 HF1 with EA compatibility. I've not had chance to test it out yet. Source: https://www.togaprojects.com/post/products-update
  13. I have SimWings LEMD. Tested in the NGXu, textures 2048 on a 1440p resolution monitor with 4xSSAA. Uses 5GB on a GTX 1080 8GB card.
  14. Damian confirmed that it is the same build in the HiFi forum. "Yes, RC4 (B7638) is official, you don't need to update if you already had RC4. Thank you!" Source: https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/official-version-rc-4.13459/#post-60439
  15. Enjoying the latest ASP3D release! Not sure why people dislike these clouds, I love them. Climbing above the OVC layer on departure from AMS Arrival into VLC. Note: I changed the MCP to Collins midflight 😄 Thanks for viewing!
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