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  1. Hello all / Thanks for the help and I now am able to make a flight with the GPS, It took a time or two to get the things work out. Great to have the help on this great aircraft. Thanks again Wayne Bignell
  2. Hello I am having trouble with the DC6 not tracking the GPS flight plan. I am using FSCommander to make up the flight plan, and then importing it to the PMDG- GPS. It starts to track for the first turn or so then takes off from the plan after 5 mins or so. Whats am I doing wrong, just love this aircraft but not having luck on the GPS. Thank Wayne Bignell
  3. Hi JWY Thanks for the info and we will try this out on our next flight. Thanks Wayne Bignell
  4. Auto-Pilot My friend and myself now have the Queen of the sky, but we are both having trouble with the auto-pilot turning off in flight. This happen most of the time on a turn in the flight plan, also on landing. It sometimes turns off , for no reason that I can see. I have reloaded this download again and it still is doing the same thing, any help on this. Thank you Wayne Bignell
  5. Hello/ And I did find it so thanks for the reply, it was a help. Thank you CaptBignell
  6. Hello I would like to know where the pilots texture file are in the PMDG 777-200 I have looked all over, but can't find the pilot texture. can someone help me on this Thank you CaptBignell
  7. Hello Kyle Yes I did submit them at support.precisionmanuals. com and they said the tickets were sent, I am not sure what is going on. I do again thank you and will also check with a PMDG friend to see what happens when he has to send a ticket. Just to make sure I am on the right page. Thanks Again Wayne Bignell
  8. Hello Paul Not sure why that did not get my tickets as they said they were sent???. Thank you very much for re-setting my licence. Thanks again Wayne Bignell
  9. Hi Kyle I would like to know if you could help me out, as I have run out of Activation for my 737-800/900 NGX. I have made out four ticket, but no reply, maybe because I was a little mad on my first reply. I have most of the PMDG aircrafts, and enjoy them all. Thanks for your time on this matter, and I do enjoy flying PMDG. Wayne Bignell
  10. Hi Guys I am still having trouble as it said I used to may Lic. max extra activations exceeded. Hope they are making some headway,
  11. Hi Chris Just to let you know FSX works just fine on windows 10 and the Reg for the 747-400 flys just great. This is not the issus all to do with Activiation of to many downloads. Need a reply as to Re-Activation, and there new download also will work in Steam as far as I know. Thank you
  12. Thanks hope I get a reply from PMDG on this
  13. Hi Guys I have sent four tickets to PMDG and not reply, but hope I can get some help. I have had some computer problems with windows 10 etc and had a few downloads of the 737. I would like to know how many activation of your Licenses??. I have downloaded a new copy from my site and it loads ok in to FSX. But when I go to activation the License it said I had to many Lic. Activation. Have any of you had this same problem. Thanks Wayne Bignell
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