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  1. I am pleased to report back that all is now working with P3DV5 as it should. I should say had I bothered to study the manual in a bit more depth then I could have found out where I was going wrong, however in my defence having x-plane as the only option did throw me off a bit. Excellent support from you Alex for which I am grateful. Regards Roy
  2. Cheers Alex, I will do all as you suggest and report back here when I have it all working as it should. Roy
  3. I guess I should have said that I am operating a remote network setup. LNM worked fine with my P3DV4.5 in a network setup, I must have broken something.
  4. Yes tried all that and still only shows X-plane 11 as the only option. I have been using the program connected to P3DV5 for the past 2 hours, so that works fine.
  5. Load scenery dialog is where it is showing only X-Plane 11 Yes I can connect to P3D V5 and see my aircraft in LNM, that side of LNM is all working.
  6. Reinstalled simconnect and still I cant load P3DV5 scenery library into LNM, yet LNM is connected to my sim but the only option showing in LNM is still xplane. Roy
  7. Hi Alex, LNM is connecting to my P3D V5 but I am unable to load the scenery file. If I ignore the Xplane titls and put in the paths to P3D and the scenery.cfg I get the following message if I try to then load the scenery in LNM. Caught Exception: Cannot open file. Reason. No name specified. Roy
  8. Same problem here, CTD to desktop if I try to access any of the in game menus, never had this issue with 4.5
  9. rymrks


    I now have TrackIR working in Chaseplane, I only needed to update the games list in TrackIR for it to work. Could not find FSFX in the games list though, however it works I am a happy chappie, thanks Guy's.
  10. rymrks


    I have the same problem, can't get TrackIR to work with Chaseplane, so need this to work. Roy
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