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  1. Onebob, Thanks for the suggestion. Works like a charm! Plane appears to be completely functional. I wish the plane had an autopilot, but I don't want to be too picky.
  2. I purchased this aircraft several days ago during the recent sale. Coronado's reply to my experience says it all. James Tell, Oct 7, 11:21 CLST: Several days ago I purchased the Albedo Corvallis from Carenado. It downloaded and installed beautifully, and works very well. Yesterday morning, I purchased and installed the Albedo Cardinal 177 from Carenado. It also downloaded properly and the Installer indicated it had been installed successfully, although I had to use the browser function to select my "C:/Program Files/x86/Lockheed Martin/P3D v3.3" folder. It does not, however, show up in the P3D/Simobjects/Airplanes folder or as a vehicle in the P3D "Select Vehicle" menu. Is it compatible with P3D version 3.3? I noted on the Avsim forums other people are having problems with this model on p3d version 3. Carenado Support, Oct 7, 13:08 CLST: Greetings, This aircraft is not P3Dv3 compatible yet. We are updating all our aircraft starting with the G1000 fleet first. Stay tune to our Facebook page for news and updates. Regards, Carenado.
  3. Thank you for the quick reply. I noticed the airport on the Greek island of Kerkira (one of my favorites) is not bordering the bay in ORBX, as it does in the real world. ORBX does a great job in Nice, France, however. I haven't checked out Marseille, France, or Skiathos, Greece, two of my favorites yet. I will check out Vectors.
  4. I have noted that European coastlines are dramatically distorted in FSX since I started using it in 2006. I purchased Ultimate Terrain Europe to correct this distortion for FSX. I recently purchased Prepar3d as my new FS and note the distortion remains. Ultimate Terrain Europe does not work for me in P3D and the Windows 10 operating system I now use. Does ORBX FTX Global correct the coastlines in Europe and elsewhere? Will ORBX FTX Global will work for me? It appears to be a much better system. Thanks for replies!
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