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  1. Well... thanks a lot for the discussion. I've formatted my hard drive yesterday and caught myself looking for tweaks and overclock recipes right after the Win7 installation. I guess I became my own nightmare. Please do have mercy for my ssoul. Someone should put an end to this!
  2. Well, I guess I had my lesson now... Considerin a clean install and Acronis right now.
  3. Well, actually the only problem with the system is that it is running slower. No crashes, no foul messages no nothing. But everything is slower. I haven't installed any add-ons to FSX yet and I am getting half the FPS before starting the Win7 tweaks. I also realized processes such as copying files etc are slower. Maybe restoring System Restore might help me, I thought. I am at work now and I will try this tonite. Advice noted and if I reinstall Windows, I will use the mentioned tools for sure. A couple of years ago I'd tried similar products but back then they needed a lot of space and System Restore seemed to be a more practical solution, so I dumped the idea.
  4. Well, thank you guys for all the comments and advice. I guess I shall ask Nick as Dick pointed out. And yes, I feel I should have been more conservative messing up with all the things but you know how it is...
  5. Dear DickB, please do not get me wrong, I am not blaming anyone here. I also stated that it was probably my mistake but I tried to follow the exact flow and now seeking a possible solution to roll back. Its the nature of human kind I guess. we just try to have more and more all the time, although we have much at hand. Maybe I should try to rechange everything following the opposite order. Ddo you think something at the services might cause such a problem?
  6. I recently used Nick's recommendations and surprisingly I now have a slower system. Most people are happy with his tweaks so it must be something I made and it happened after I tried to tune Win7. Iam not sure how I managed to do that but I am frustrated right now and don't know how to rollback all the changes I've made. Maybe formatting would be a better option for me... :(
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