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  1. Faisal, On my computer I retrieved all the necessary files from a folder named "Carenado Installer"... For me, this foler was found within C:/Program Files... If you happen to see that folder listed on your C drive, it should contain all the necessary files you need to properly install the navigraph update. Hope this potentially helps.
  2. Problem has been SOLVED Jim. After placing the gauges into the appropriate folder, I still had no luck. The final task that needed to be completed was to move the panel and model folders found within the Carenado Installer file, to the model and panel folders of the SimObjects file within P3D. Thank you so very, very much for your patience and thorough responses. I hope Carenado patches the installers soon so people do not need to go through this guess work!
  3. Jim, I do have that database file included inside the CarenadoNavigraph folder. The only thing left to figure out seems to be with the guages you have mentioned. I do believe I saw them inside the Carenado Installer folder and have not moved them anywhere. Is there a specific folder in which those should be placed? Thank you!
  4. Jim, I have highlighted all the steps you have suggested for me to take, still no luck. Please let me know if I have made any mistakes. Thank you so much for your continued help.
  5. Okay, I ended up finding the appropriate file to make the edits to, and still no luck. Is there anything else anyone can think of that I'm doing wrong? I appreciate the help.
  6. Where can I find the dll.xml file to edit? I have moved the Carenavigraph.dll into my main P3d directory, and can still not access the upgraded database. I see understand I need to make an edit to the dll.xml file, but I am not sure what the full file name is or where to find it. Thanks so much for the help!
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