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  1. This option on DISPLAY page is active. See screen (there is no radial line): http://postimg.org/image/9mr5fc3np/
  2. Hello. First on FMC's "NAV RADIO" page I set "VOR L" freq and its "CRS" And then on EFIS Control Panel in VOR/ADF Swithes I set the switch to "VOR L" position. When VOR is caught there is no radial green line on nav display, only pointer. What cause of no radial green line?
  3. Yes. But i do not know if I uninstall it i lose one of number of activations or not
  4. Hey dear virtual pilots! I see some new update available for 777 LRF FSX that can be downloaded from customer account and installed. Why developers do not give instruction how to install it? When installation is started an user can remove previous installation or repair it. What is correct? And what about licence if previous installation is removed? There is no notes about it )
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