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  1. Hello, I am having a problem with the 777 not saving it's current FMC, autopilot, etc state when I save the flight within FSX. I save my flights randomly in case of crashes or needing to exit FSX using the ; option in FSX. I have done this in the past and everytime I re-load the flight after the 20 second countdown everything loads into the FMC and autopilot. I have taken a bit of a break from FSX until last night. Today I decided to do a 777 flight, I saved it off and on. I then had to exit FSX to do something else and I saved the flight and closed FSX. About an hour later I came back reloaded the flight and the 20 second countdown happened but it did not load any of the 777's previous FMC or autopilot settings from before I saved and exited FSX. Any ideas why or how to fix that? Thanks Mike
  2. Can someone please do the Alaska Airlines Disney(Cars theme) plane? http://www.dadlogic.net/2013/11/07/alaska-airlines-new-disney-themed-plane-featuring-mater-lightning-mcqueen-cars/ I'd really love to have it added to my hanger.
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