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  1. I always keep the updates up to date. Now it seems to be largely working. I have live and static a/c. Most planes also taxi. Only now and then do they disappear and reappear on the RWY, disappear again and then appear in the air again.
  2. Hi, since the latest update to PSXT_P3D 6.3.0 I see a lot of planes taking off and landing, but no ones parked. Incoming planes disappear at the end of the RWY. I have not made any changes to P3D v5 since the previous update. Before everything was wonderful. Help would be nice. Greetings Ulrich
  3. For whatever reason, it works now.
  4. The new download didn't work either.
  5. Hi, after the last update I do get this Message: "95: Simconnect Version Mismatch, maybe MSFS is running?, dwindex: 196608" But MSFS isn't running. Help is needed
  6. Found it. RT professional is needed. That's not very good. The professional version is too expensive. Is there no other way?
  7. Ultimately, both the old and the new version work. Nevertheless, I prefer the old one with the "Learner". However, the "Learner" always brings this message: "998: PSXT_Learner only possible in learn destination mode". How do I get that resolved?
  8. Thank you, but what is with the also mentioned "and by the way, a/c land and start but don't park."? Departing a/c appear somewhere on the rwy and arriving a/c disappear when leaving the rwy.
  9. Hi, after a medium break I updated everything today and everything works with the exception of the learner. I can't find the learner now. Using P3D v5. Help is needed. Best regards Ulrich and by the way, a/c land and start but don't park.
  10. For what reason ever, now it works. Ulrich
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