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  1. Hi there I hope some one to fix my issue here ...! first of all, I use FS2Crew 747 SOP2 Voice and some time FS2Crew 747 SOP1 Voice just in my last flight in my channel from JED to SHJ and in DESCENT CHECKLIST after saying "LANDING DATA" the sim will crash. I tray it many time in different airports in many flights. second, why the is no electronic checklist same like in the FS2Crew 777. Thanks Mansour you can see here before i descent i can up link the video when it is crash as privet video so you can see it. see the Link:
  2. Hi Capt. I have solved the lights for the PMDG 747 See the link if you like to fix it. My video Link: https://youtu.be/lM1v7vI4v00
  3. Hi there I have some issues with the PMDG 747-8F in St Maarten Int. Airport it's: 1- rain inside the cockpit. How can I fix it. 2- prepar3f crash every time when i toke off after 10-15 min 3- Landing, taxi and logo lights are too dim. How can I fix it. 4- No View of Right wing aft from the passenger cabin. 5- Auto brake not working in landing i don't see the red bar in my screen when it is active and holding the aircraft. TECAS Not working too.for another aircraft scan. That what i see now.. Also i have 2 questions if some one can help me with: q1- How can I remove and change "Captain's EFB" view to be before captain sate view? It make me crazy! q2- Is there in 748 a camera like the 773 for the landing gear? or not? q3- in Ds2Crew do Electric checklist? i don't find it. Thanks Mansour Alsenaidy
  4. Yes, it is v4 but i don't want to upgrade until i see the good and the pad thing with v4.1 so if not that mean it will not work with me at all?
  5. the FO con"t use the PMDG buttons because he can't Pressurize the Hydraulics and APU and Air Packs also flaps and lights and landing gear too. That what is happen with me. He is not doing any thin with me. Any help to fix it? Please!
  6. Dear byork I start fs2crew from "Before Start Checklist" menu when I came to "Engine Start" menu it desn't work also flaps. you have to check it. Please!
  7. in few minute i did a flight from OEAB -> OERK I follow up the manual as you told me but engines and flaps not working with FO NON - AUTO START (ENGINES MUST BE STARTED INDIVIDUALLY) o START ENGINE 4 o START ENGINE 3 o START ENGINE 2 o START ENGINE 1
  8. Dear byork IN 777 everything is good but the logo light in 747 no not like that. Why? because audio is is rebating it many time like " welcome massage and ... etc i did like the tutoring manual and it is not respond for engines and flaps too Please! try to fix it ASAP Also i don't need him to tern off the logo light. Mansour
  9. Hi there, I have hard time to learn how to use FS2Crew for 747 but in some step he didn't do what i need. For example, Starting engines flaps done for 10 or 20, flaps up after takeoff, APU off and ..... I am using VOICE but I gave up with it any help? Please! I am using P3D v4 Reminder In 10.000 feet i need hem to turn off wing light not logo light. Please! Thank you for your help! Mansour
  10. I can't find it. Please! I need help with it
  11. I will check and we will see. Thank you every one for your help
  12. I see where the PMDG Options? is it on the FMC or where i can found it please!
  13. Okay, the issue was when i am inside the cockpit pilot site i need to pop up ND screen I have to press Shift+#8 so I can see big or when i am on wing view but with the last update for P3D v4 it is not working I am using win 10 Mansour Senaidy
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