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  1. Hi all. Does anyone know the usual time between sumbmitting a redownload support ticket for the NGX and getting the new link? Is it usually a same day? ThanksHiram Hunt
  2. Thanks Paul I'll do that super quick. Thanks for your reply :) Oh yeah, where is that file? Hiram Hunt
  3. Well something happened. I don't have a clue what but the HGS is gone. The control panel in the pedastal is still alive but nothing is being projected onto the combiner glass. Everything else is working and there are no failures listed in the CDU. Anyone else have this happen? Oh by the way this problem is still present even after I uninstalled and reinstalled the NGX. I would hate to uninstall FSX and reinstall it to fix it. I just did that in August before NGX came out and it was a pain. Thanks if anyone can help. Hiram Hunt
  4. Well I think I've had my first maintenance problem. After I pused back from the gate at KTPA yesterday, I started the engines and completed my after start flows and checklist. Then I pused up the power a wee bit to get rolling but the number one engine would not respond to throttle inputs. I tried turning the EEC off then back on. No go. So I shut the engine down and restarted. No go. I thought maybe it was a stuck starter valve but the light was out. The bleeds and gens and hyd's were all set correctly. I checked the failure generator system in the FMC but there weren't any to clear. So I taxied back to the gate shut her down and called it a day. Any ideas what was up? Hiram Hunt
  5. When I flew for Mesa another pilot told me that it was a tap spot to hit if a panel wasn't lighting up. I asked some mechanics and they provided the most plausible explanation I've heard so far. They told me the + signs are stencil alignment marks for when the panels become worn and need repainting. Who knows. I flew jets and turbo props from three manufacturers for 10 years and and looked at little + signs everywhere and never could find out the absoloute truth of their purpose!!! Hiram Hunt
  6. Still nothing? What happened to the paint kit? What happened to the Alaska 75th anniversary paint, Boeing house, and primered unpainted NGX? Some people have done a few paints without the paint kit and they're not any good. Lots of screwy textures. Is the paint kit coming anytime soon? Hiram Hunt
  7. For kicks I set up at KSFO taking off on 10L with the weather set at 100 feet overcast and 1/4 mile visibility. I set up the FMC and radios for the ILS 29 at KOAK. It is a CATIII approved approach and I wanted to try out the HGS hand flown to CAT III minimums. Piece of cake! Once you're established on the approach AP off and keep the little circle in the big circle. I rolled to the end and reset the weather to CAT IIIa minimums of 0 feet ceiling and 700 RVR or 1/8th mile visibility. I set the FMC and radios up for the ILS 28R at KSFO and blasted off. Same drill. The approach and landing were awsome and right on the money using the HGS. The hardest part was taxiing back to the terminal. The buildings just emerge out of the fog as dark blobs. Very FUN!!! Thanks PMDG!!! Hiram Hunt
  8. For some reason when the plane first loads in cold and dark it has .5 psi on the cabin and you can't open the doors. If you fly it and then shut it down and close the doors you can open them again. If you save your cold and dark flight when you come back to it you can open the doors. Somehow that .5 psi got into the cold and dark from PMDG and that's why they won't open. Minor glitch but cool at the same time because it shows you the level of systems detail and interaction. Hiram Hunt
  9. Sick level of detail!!!!! Jamalje I didn't even think about the pressurization!!! I went into the VC turned on the battery, switched to manual pressurization and opened the outflow valve and I opened all the doors. Apparently there was about .5 psi differential and that was enough to keep the doors from opening!!! Wicked!!! Hiram Hunt
  10. Why do I have to have a generator online to open any of the doors in the FS Actions menu of the CDU? None of the doors on the plane are powered. They all open manually. The only thing that requires power are the airstairs. Is this just a sim-ism or is there a problem with my install? Does the FS Actions menu not interface with the plane until the AC power is on? Not a big deal at all just a curiosity. This sim is so deep that I'm having a blast just trying to enjoy all the little subtle interactions. I got the master caution light on my third landing for the over wing exits and immediately went to the manuals to find out that it ocassionally happens on the real jet. The cure didn't work for me though. I tried opening and closing them several times to no avail. So I did what I would do in real life. I called maintenance and went and got a cup of coffee. Great job PMDG. Hiram Hunt
  11. Hey anyone know what section of the manuals the normal checklists are in? I've scanned through both FCOM's and the FCTM and haven't found them. I've been too busy flying around in this masterpiece to go through the manuals in detail and find them. If any of you know the page to look for I'd greatly appreciate it. Hiram Hunt
  12. Dario I know it's not FSX. fps isn't just an FSX or even a game term. Frames per second means how many frames per second a film camera exposes. In computers it really should be called updates per second because it refers to how many times per second the image on the screen is re-drawn or rendered. The original post said that his friend filmed the shot at 700 fps. obviously it was a video he took. If you find a computer that would run FSX at 700 fps you let me know because I want one real bad!!! Hiram Hunt
  13. It's a 757-200. There is no tailskid. The high frame rate and slow motion distorts the length in the video. Wicked cool video. I loved seeing the rain drops hitting the lens! Hiram Hunt
  14. If we could get a FERD post on release day life would be charmed!!!!!Hiram Hunt
  15. Southwest -700 Canyon Blue, winglets, no eyebrows, no wi-fi antenna, Honeywell MCP, EFIS/Map, Steel Brakes, HGSIf only the -800/-900 come out first then I'll be in the Alaska -800, winglets, no eyebrows, Collins MCP, PFD/ND, HGS headed for the Gastineau Channel!!!!! PAJN RNAV 28 here I come!!!!Hiram Hunt