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  1. blackheart2502

    PMDG 737 NGX liveries

    Matheus, a non SFP 737-800 can most certainly operate safely from Congonhas or Santos Dumont, even with no wind. It just can't do it and carry a commercially sustainable passenger and baggage payload. The 787 at the Farnborough air show this year landed and stopped in less distance than the length of the Santos Dumont runway. Commercial jets will stop WAY shorter than we ever have the pleasure of seeing demonstrated regularly. If lightly loaded they will takeoff much shorter than usual also. Most airlines use reduced thrust takeoffs to lengthen engine life, and reduce fuel burn and noise. These airplanes have amazing performance that we hardly ever get to see. I got to witness an American Airlines 757-200 depart the Fort Worth Alliance Airport going to DFW only twelve miles away. Alliance is an AA heavy maintenance base and the 757 had been in the static display for an air show there. He took off in less than 2000 feet and climbed like a missle. It was no time at all and the pilot was pulling the thrust back and pushing the nose way over to stop at his assigned altitude. I'm sure the crew was having a blast!Hiram Hunt
  2. blackheart2502

    PMDG 737 NGX liveries

    I think we can count on the GOL liveries because they have said the Short Field Performance package will be on the NGX. GOL is the only major operator with the SFP in widespread use right now. Flying into Santos Dumont in the NGX is going to be a blast!!!!Hiram Hunt