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  1. Disregard and please delete topic, a simple fsx restart fixed it all.. jumped the gun my apologies.
  2. Good point Jack! would hold breath tho.. update wiki site has in development listed as "Updated Aug 2011 - Dash8 (EST 2013) and 777 (unknown)". Glad they are setting realistic time frames :) Looking forward to flying the NGX.... reinstalling fsx now.. Wiki link: http://en.wikipedia....#In_development Matthew
  3. melodious


    The PMDG Wikipedia page states: In development As of August 2011, the company is developing two new aircraft for the product : Aircraft Planned Release Platform Bombardier Dash 8 EST 2013 FSX Only Boeing 777 Unknown FSX http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precision_Manuals_Development_Group#In_development
  4. Lol.. yes kicking myself now for initially saying a330, but I was going by the blue RR engines and he shot it at YYZ, and also delusional that BA flew 333.. :( - posted too quickly....anyyyy ways - yes a 757 - Yes Thomas Cook - Yes Jazz does charter those 757, they keep em parked up by the fedex ramp when not in use... thanks for the help folks!We are going to jot out to YYZ again thiis weekend with the 70-300 lens, if the 15's are active again, I report back with some more content - hopefully some WJA for the impending release... matthew
  5. A friend of mine shot this.. it is a fly by an extremely high frame rate... Trying to name airline and jet... looking like a A330 but not sure? Shot CYYZ. Enjoy!
  6. By the boeing bldg in the background, I would guess its either KPAE, or KBFI .. a recent photo op... great shot tho EDIT-> OH, and the dreamlifter ;)
  7. Looks like it...They did line them up in descending order ;)... Just count in...Left to Right...777-767-757-747-737-727-717-707
  8. Air Canada Express - new Q400 service from Toronto City Center (CYTZ) and Montreal, have announced that they will be using iPads on board with each pilot assigned one, as well as one extra per aircraft. They will include charts, wxr, etc...http://www.thestar.com/business/article/983500--plane-check-ipad-checkJamesMatthews
  9. This really got me excited.. i was gonna say, wow they dev. team is grinding hard...lol, and then yes, thanks for pointing out the age of the thread... whom ever is resurecting these, if for kicks or not, really? C'mon.
  10. lol.. the first part of my post is activity, which i would do first ;)... i also wasnt advocating drug use - maybe the slang is different in your neck of the woods :)mattewh
  11. Buy it. bottom line. without a doubt. most stable aircraft i have and mixed with fs2crew, done. They do still support it quite well, and just this past year released a update and additional feature for it.MatthewH.
  12. Go outside - get some air - walk the dog - go for a run - start out the window - volunteer with an old person - volunteer with a young person - volunteer with the sick - roll a fat spliff and sit in your car watching planes land at the airport.... (If your near YZ - fedex ramp works well)Do what you gotta do... there more to life. The old adage.. $50.00/hr, $100.00/hr if you watch... this forum is like sitting over their shoulders.. let them work.. go live!!! itll be out before you know it.EDIT:MatthewH
  13. RX, as I state in my earlier post I work in film sound, post production to be exact, as yes its been a few years since school and our studies of frame rates sorry if it's rusty, I only use 24 an 2398 on a daily basis, as a sync mechanism, nothing graphically.But yes as someone else mentioned with the Disney example 1/24 or 24fpa is te perceived motion is the basic thing I was trying to convey ... Oops.As for PAL in film yes, that is true, PAL is video primarily, there is however a PAL Speed delivery for films that use a digital intermediate to do the prints, this being made in the sound dept - and yes it confuses things - I shouldn't of mentioned it LOL.Again, apologies for the confusion. Don't scream too hard.Mattharrold
  14. I think facts are just getting confused.. You're both right. The eye can register frames at a much higher rate, but 24fps (25 in PAL) is enough for the brain to register the illusion of motion from a series of still images. Film, yes 35mm projected actual film, is running at 24fps in North America and 25fps every where else (aprox), when you get into video and television, its the same principal (speed) just different was of counting (timecode - dropped frames so they can get more commercial time).A quick basic example. :)In theory 24fps would be the minimum for you to experience smooth motion ( of perfectly generated, images) but as cpu's are handling so much, a higher frame rate would be preferable. Bests, and great work on the NGX, personally looking forward to the 777 (ACA Flyer) but still a great plane to add to the hanger. MattHarroldPs. I do work in film sound, if you guys need a hand or anything fx mastering, mixing wise, please let me know. I know nothing of programming, heh, or how you operate, just throwing it out there.
  15. Bryan!Thank you for the quick reply! All is working now..Too bad about the FO take off, i didnt mind tracking the tiller for" him" for the roll - never had a crash problem... if youre ever on the fence about bringing it back - it added a great feature espically in multi leg flights for CRM. :) Once one gets the "hang" of it , its really a nice feature. I may have to buy the button version as well now... hehAll the best.
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