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  1. Really, the higher the better. I would OC as far as the temps allow. Different voltages, numbers and temps apply to different CPUs. So go on to Youtube or Google and find the ones specific to your CPU. As far as cooling go, I would stick to watercooling instead of air. AMD CPUs are famous to get pretty hot
  2. Hello Everyone, As one user asked in a previous thread: I would like to know if there is any way to change the Flight Director mode in the Majestic Q400 to a single cue layout instead of the crossbar one. I know Air Baltic and Widroe are using these, I think Jazz too if im not mistaken. Thanks
  3. Yes im aware, but I searched the internet all over and couldnt find an answer. Its a "Batwing" flight director style instead of the classic crossbar. I know Air Baltic and Jazz is using it in their Q400 Clearly seen in this amazing video:
  4. Bump Is there any way to do this?
  5. Ok so I figured it out. It was the "Sky sarutation" setting that was the criminal making the brown horizon appear. So everyone that has this problem can run ALL the other settings but the "Sky sarutation", or maybe try it at a different setting than the presets have. I have just turned it off for now.
  6. Did you ever figure out what the cause of the problem was? I have tried every preset available, including Matt Davies, same result with the brown horizon. The only thing that fixes it is to reset the shaders and shader cahce. Running Skyforce 3D and AS P3D4. Should I run the PTA preset in SkyForce to make it work or am I wrong here? Tried everything, even untick the cirrus lightning, think im gonna go mental. Has cost me around 4-5 hours trying to solve it...
  7. Hello, I have a pretty strange problem with ActiveSky16, im pretty sure its whats causing this. When im on ground level there is some kind of grey fog blocking the sun and it gets very tiny. This happens only at Dawn and Dusk. As more altitude i gain the more this disappears, See pic: http://imgur.com/sdeA87C AS16 on at sea level http://imgur.com/M5qsvCg AS16 on at about 2000ft http://imgur.com/IFFphfm AS16 off sea level Anyone got a clue on this one?
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