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  1. I totally agree, usually I fly lower, but I'm doing the IVAO Vintage tour in Brazil, and with the mountains I'm having to climb to over 20,000 feet I will go back to see the POH because I had not seen the engine data for the different altitudes After the post, I found the solution, I had the Propeller Pitch Lever that was incorrectly set
  2. Hello, If I'm not mistaken, the DC6 can fly up to 25,000 feet. My problem is that when I am 15000 feet, my speed is already about 150 knots. Is there something special to configure in the plane to be able to reach at least the 20000 feet and accelerate? Thank you.
  3. Hello there, I also have white textures for IVAO MTL. I can not find the software on the flightsimstore.com site. I am currently using version 3.2.2 of AVSIM library. Would it be possible to put on your Dropbox files to try to fix the problem? thank you very much
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