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  1. Hi I'm using Linda to set the controls of my Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls Yoke. With the most common aircraft for example PMDG I downloaded the default module files type 737 and I managed to obtain a satisfactory setting that works perfectly. Today I tried to set the commands for the Carenado FA50EX using the default Fsx library, however the commands do not work correctly. For example If I want to turn on the lights I move the lever the command is sent and received by the plane but does not remain active, I also found the same problem with other Carenado aircraft. Is there a solution to solve the problem? Thanks Gabriele I'm using LINDA v - Carenado FA50 - Prepar3d v 4.5
  2. I tried to install it following the instructions but I no longer see the planes selectable from "Select vehicle" in the menu of P3D v4 Is it possible to use it without the Flight 1 GTN750 addon ?? Thanks Gabriele
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