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  1. Hi Greggr1, Dave sent me a text a while back but apologize as i have not been on skype in quite some time. To help with your question, to the best of my knowledge, FSX will not run on a mac when using an emulator. Not sure why but it may have something to do with registry, but that is just a guess. When i ran it on my Macbook pro, i used bootcamp (a free app built into mac). First, you will need a licenced version of windows. Second, You run the bootcamp program on your mac. This will partition your harddrive and let you install windows operating system on the second drive. Then when you fire up your mac, you have the option of booting into windows or OSX. When you start up Windows, the computer will act just like a PC. You can then install FSX and it will run just fine. On the Mac mini though, don't know if it will run due to its own limitations. Hope this helps Jim
  2. I am trying to seet up the CAB UTIL toggle and the IFE/PASS SEAT toggle in LINDA. according to PMDG, the offset is 69637 and 69638 respectively. The problem is that neither of htese numbers exists in LINDA. I know I will probably have to use the LINDA editor to do this but have extremely limited experience using this. Anyone having any experience with this, I would really appreciate hearing from you
  3. Sure hope there is someone out there that can help. My problem happens in a variety of planes: When in a default aircraft such as the Cessna 172. I go to the view pulldown menu and select Instrument panel, then select either Main stack or GPS. The window pops up very briefly then dissappears. If I move my mouse curser over where it briefly appeared, although invisible, it is there and can be made visible if I undock the window. When in a payware aircraft such as the PMDG NGX737. I click on one of the MFD's, it also briefly appears then dissappears. If I click in the vicinity of the location, then it will not appear but rather pop back into its proper location on the dash. I am running 4 monitors, 3 are crossfired on matching Asus HD7770 cards and the single monitor is on its own its own ATI card Any and all suggestions are welcome Jim
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