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  1. Ariel

    C411 with GTN750 - No Comm 2 radio?

    Many thanks Al. (Sorry about the dyslexic C411). You have solved the problem with the patch info. I only bought and downloaded the C441 a week ago. I now remember seeing then something about a patch, but assumed that the current download would,of course, incorporate it. Apparantly not. (Come on FSW...). Now a happy (flying) bunny. Graham
  2. I recently installed the C411 in P3Dv4 with the F1 GTN 750 in the provided GTN/Radar version. I don't have the additional weather radar from Milviz, so the radar in my panel is a non-functioning dummy. All seemed good, but on a flight I suddenly realised that I didn't have a Comm 2 radio tuner (or Nav 2, for that matter)! Watching the FSW intro systems video (showing the GNS cockpit), I saw that there was a Comm 2 radio immediately below the weather radar. Surely I don't have to buy the weather radar to get a Comm 2 radio..? Am I missing something here? To fly realistically I need a Comm 2. Apart from this, the plane is really good to fly. Graham
  3. Ariel

    PC-12 Version 2 Update

    Brilliant. Works for me in P3D 3.4. NAV/COM 2 now tuning correctly as well. Thanks again Bert. My Pilatus is now flying like it always should have done! (Not so sure about the great pitch down with 15 flap which makes flying an ILS glide-path a bit strange - but hey, I've never flown one for real, and never will now, so I'll have to buy that one. Graham
  4. Ariel

    PC-12 Version 2 Update

    Ok, flight tested your P3D mod and it has done the trick Bert - GNS 530 now working correctly. Genius! Pass it on it to your grateful fans... Graham (You are what's called "added value")
  5. Ariel

    PC-12 Version 2 Update

    Ok Bert, I'll listen out. As the Nav 2 DME range is visible on the HSI, if selected, it isn't a show-stopper for IFR navigation. Graham
  6. Ariel

    PC-12 Version 2 Update

    Email sent Bert. Using P3D 3.4.18. All else is working well, as far as I've flight tested it.
  7. Ariel

    PC-12 Version 2 Update

    I've put in Bert's mod - many thanks. Sadly, it doesn't seem to cure one bad fault with the Nav radio tuning which has always been there:- Nav Radio 1 is tuned on the GNS 750. Nav Radio 2 should then be tuned on the second GNS - now the 530. However, if you do tune a second VOR on the GNS 530, the display (and DME, I think) shows the VOR which is tuned on Nav 1, not Nav 2. Oddly enough, although the GNS 530 is now displaying the wrong VOR, I think that I can get both Nav1 and Nav2 pointers on the HSI, and the Nav 2 pointer does point to the correct VOR. So it seems to be just the display on the GNS 530 which is wrong - stuck on the Nav 1 VOR. Anyone tried to fix this? Graham
  8. Brilliant, Donor, thanks. I've only just caught up with this thread. I found the problem early last year, saw it was a failure problem at the wrong speed - you needed a max gear down speed about 110 kts rather than the 130 kts book speed - and reported it to Alabeo support. He said that they would fix it in the next update! It makes a huge difference as it was it was very difficult to lose speed descending into the circuit and the b*** warning horn couldn't be muted. Made an otherwise excellent aircraft unrealistic to fly. Now at last I have got an almost perfect aircraft for GA. Thanks again. NO thanks to Alabeo/Carenado Support!
  9. Ariel

    PC12 for Prepar3D v3

    Yep, I'm running with that. Same problem above with and without it, thanks anyway,
  10. Ariel

    PC12 for Prepar3D v3

    Re. my problem with the hsi and hdg bugs only rotating in 10 degree increments, I've just returned to the PC 12 and done a flight. I thought the problem was cured - all worked properly. Then, half way through, it suddenly returned and the navigation capability turned to worms again! Jeez! The system didn't seem under strain - 30 fps (locked) with sliders all set pretty high (the scenery was wonderful). I'm totally baffled. Any ideas welcome. P3D 3.4.9 is proving really good for me, by the way. Smooth with good frame rates. Flying with ASN and Orbx scenery is a beautiful experience. This is the best version ever and a lot of things that used to bug me with 2.5 have gone or been sorted. FSX is now coming out of my system for ever, at long last.
  11. Well, I'm one that regrets paying the money. Not to say that the textures themselves aren't an improvement over default, but they won't magically make your default airports into payware versions. The building boxes are still boxes - just a bit more pretty - especially after dark. Jetways are good if you're parking at the ramps. Amazingly, control towers aren't touched at all, and most airfields have one. I had Zinertek airport textures and uninstalled them as I thought REX looked much better in the adds.. These cost about half and are nearly as good, imho - certainly much better value. I wouldn't now pay extra for the REX version. If you don't have Zinertek already, then you may think the improvement to your default boxes is worth the cost - some clearly do. If you already have Zinertek, don't bother is my advice.
  12. Ariel

    PC12 for Prepar3D v3

    I still have my problems. Is your P3D version 3.4.9? Confirm that don't have the issues I have as above?
  13. Ariel

    PC12 for Prepar3D v3

    I've installed the PC 12 into P3D v3.4.9 using the Migration Tool. Thought it was all working fine, but have now found that the HSI heading and course line adjuster knobs will only shift round in ten degree increments. I'm pretty sure that this wasn't the case for me in FSX or P3D v2.5 which I've had previously. Bit of a bummer for me as I fly a lot of IFR. Oh, and also the third battery is dead on start-up (no blue light and power when switching on the standby bus). Have to start now with the two main batteries switched on first. No big deal, but it shows that that there are small compatibility problems in 3.4.9.
  14. Ariel

    A good supplementary GPS for p3d 3.4.9+?

    Don't get anything unless it says it is compatible with P3D v3.4 is my advice. I'm finding that some aircraft gauges (or sometimes their sound effects) aren't working 100% in v3.4.9, when they did in earlier versions. I'm still testing this - it's early days to check the detail of what's working and what's not - but it seems that I now get odd effects with some add-on aircraft gauges. Perhaps it's because I'm an IFR flyer who need the details to be right! It has sure got complicated these days.