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  1. Ariel

    Dynamic lights?

    I thought that I'd raise this as a stand-alone topic, although MadX has included it in his personal list of wants. This is because it really is the one upgrade that I consider absolutely essential for real P3D4 compatibility. I know nothing of the technology involved, but if it can be done for the Lear then I assume it can be done for the Falcon - and boy, does it need it! The current lights really don't work with P3D4 dynamic lighting on. I'm sure that FSW will have this in hand, knowing their record for constant support and improvement. Maybe they could comment 'though - just to keep us moaners quiet... I still find I'm only flying FSW aircraft these days - they make an old aviator very happy!
  2. Ariel

    Addon Paint Schemes ver 4.2x onwards

    Right, thanks. So I can use them and they will look about right, along with reflections. But if you look too closely they do have small glitches and won't be up to Mr NaughtyPork's high standards (thanks again WB). I do hope the Painters out there will re-work their textures in the new Paint Kit, if it is available. When I looked yesterday the Paint Kit on the FSW site still looked like the old one, I think.
  3. Apologies if I've missed something, but am I right in thinking that now with ver 4.2a installed, I cannot use any of the nice add-on paint schemes that I had with ver 4.1 and earlier? Mr WickedBacon said (I think) that with 4.2 a new paint kit would be needed, or something (I'm not a painter). I can thus only choose from the default FSW-supplied paint schemes - yes? Ariel
  4. My thoughts on the new engine start sounds: Love them, but to me they don't match what the instruments are telling me. I think I hear the run-up, then the light-up followed by acceleration to idle. However, my instruments have already got to idle before the light-up sound is heard. All this could depend on when the fuel is selected on (for me this is at 15% turbine or better as the light-up generally occurs at 20%). If I've got the real-world sound right, the engine start on the instruments seems to be way faster than real life. Or maybe I should cut the fuel in much earlier..? (I know - some people are never satisfied 🙂) Ariel
  5. Not sure if all comments to the new update are wanted here or should be in a new thread, but here goes anyway:- Thanks for the great textures. On my monitor the colour balance doesn't seem quite right - the pale cockpit interior in the photos posted earlier has become a yellow-green tint - not had any other colour problems previously. The new dynamic outside lights look great on the ground and the landing/taxi lights are a huge improvements from inside the cockpit lighting the ground. But there seems to be a downside: in flight the red beacon and the white anti-collision lights are so weak that they aren't visible fifty feet away from the aircraft by day, and are not a lot better by night! (This is in my P3D4.5). I've flown two test flights in P3D4.5, and the engine power seems to have been downgraded a huge amount (or the drag has been increased). At 16500 lbs AUW (well below max) I needed almost max power to fly. The first T/O at Palm Springs at high OAT (38 C) resulted in my struggling to climb at all using the climb settings I've previously used (90% Turbine). Having hit a mountain, I then moved to Europe and more normal OATs and tried again. Still struggled to get any climb performance. Eventually I got to FL290 where with an OAT of -19 C I found I could maintain M 0.76 cruise with the Turbines at 92% and the Fans at 89% continuous. Not much left for further climb! Previously these settings flying level would have shot me through the barbers pole... Was this what was intended or is something amiss with my installation? Ariel
  6. Ariel

    APU Interior Sound

    Thanks for the input Guys. I have followed Solo 1984's lead and edited the three sound files concerned with a free wave editor. Thanks for the tip on where to find them Solo. I reduced the volume to about 10% of the original, and (for me) they are now acceptable in the cockpit, so that's fine and I can use the APU again. Maybe a mod for a future upgrade..? Graham
  7. Ariel

    APU Interior Sound

    I really enjoy the Conquest,Lear and the Falcon - many thanks for them! I fly them all, mostly IFR, with some VFR in the Conquest. However, I now find the Falcon APU has become unusabledue solely to the sound volume in the cockpit. I've never flown in a Falcon of any type, but I would expect the APU to be almost inaudible up front. This one now drowns out the main engines when they are running! I think I saw a statement (can't find it now) saying that it is the exterior sound and that's all we can have - inside and out. If so, I would greatly prefer big reduction in volume, or none at all inside (even if I lost it outside as well). Right now I have stopped using the APU entirely, as the only solution. Or maybe there is a sound file I could delete..? Keep up the good work - Flysimware is hugely appreciated. Graham
  8. Thanks for the useful replies to my original question, guys. I had a felling that it might be something on those lines. Graham
  9. I've got a persistent problem through many updates - but nobody mentions it so I might be the only one! For take-off I use 90-92% N1 thrust, opening up steadily on the TO run. Somewhere short of this (80%?) I get a red engine failure warning light for the no. 2 engine. I've learnt to ignore this and continue - it goes off shortly after. Performance seems unaffected. So why? Graham
  10. Thanks Al. There's no fool like an old fool, as we used to say. I had forgotten about the GTN 750 config choice,as I normally pass over it rapidly on the way to the last item. I don't know how, but the Flysimware default setting for auto CRS (off) has only just appeared on my last re-install - it's been on previously. My second problem with the pop-up window was just finger trouble, whilst in a panic after take-off, fully IMC with ATC squawking at me. Jeez... Presumably the auto CRS should be off for the other two FSW aircraft I have (Lear and C441). They both been on up to now. Thought that was a bit odd for old mechanical HSI's! Time to get real.
  11. I've been flight testing the many Falcon Beta releases in P3D 4.3. I'm now on Beta 4.5 and have a new problem appeared with the F1 GTN 750: The GPS now doesn't drive the HSI course line - it stays stuck on the direction when loaded. The GTN 750 functions as normal apart from this - as does the HSI - ILS deflection bar and G/P sidebar included. I can manually turn the course line with the knob on the pedestal, but not with the knob on the strip window pop-up (a different problem?). Anyone else with this in Beta 4.5? I'm not sure if this arrived with the 4.5 version or the one before. If it's just me I'll try stripping it all out and re-installing, again...
  12. Many thanks Al. (Sorry about the dyslexic C411). You have solved the problem with the patch info. I only bought and downloaded the C441 a week ago. I now remember seeing then something about a patch, but assumed that the current download would,of course, incorporate it. Apparantly not. (Come on FSW...). Now a happy (flying) bunny. Graham
  13. I recently installed the C411 in P3Dv4 with the F1 GTN 750 in the provided GTN/Radar version. I don't have the additional weather radar from Milviz, so the radar in my panel is a non-functioning dummy. All seemed good, but on a flight I suddenly realised that I didn't have a Comm 2 radio tuner (or Nav 2, for that matter)! Watching the FSW intro systems video (showing the GNS cockpit), I saw that there was a Comm 2 radio immediately below the weather radar. Surely I don't have to buy the weather radar to get a Comm 2 radio..? Am I missing something here? To fly realistically I need a Comm 2. Apart from this, the plane is really good to fly. Graham
  14. Ariel

    PC-12 Version 2 Update

    Brilliant. Works for me in P3D 3.4. NAV/COM 2 now tuning correctly as well. Thanks again Bert. My Pilatus is now flying like it always should have done! (Not so sure about the great pitch down with 15 flap which makes flying an ILS glide-path a bit strange - but hey, I've never flown one for real, and never will now, so I'll have to buy that one. Graham