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  1. Hello guys. The AI traffic that X-plane generates is displayed perfectly on my moving map, except for one little thing: when I click on a plane to see its details, Pilot2atc always show their route as EDDM to EDDT. I'm guessing this is an x-plane limitation and there is nothing to do short of installing a traffic plugin or addon?
  2. Hi. That's because in certain parts of the world there are altitude restrictions depending on your direction of flying. But you can override that behavior in pilot2atc. Look for an option similar to "atc ignores bearing altitudes".
  3. Hello friends. Can anyone think of what am I doing wrong so that pilot2atc won't accept my flightplan? I've done tons of flights with pilot2atc without problems, but today it just refuses to accept my flightplan. It does seem to validate it (the validate button does turn green as always), but the file button remains white no matter how much I press it. Best regards. Edit: Upon further investigation, it seems the problem only happens with a particular SID, either assigned by atc or by manually selecting it myself. With all other SIDs, my plan files fine. Could it be corruption with my navdata?
  4. Aaah, gotcha. Speaking of that, I find it amusing that the "resume" in "resume own navigation" is pronounced as in the document you hand out when looking for a job.
  5. Just a tiny typo report, hope it's useful: The speech asistant has some instances of the word "whind", instead of winds.
  6. Hello guys. I need the input of someone smarter than me. What's the best way of making the TOD calculated by pilot2atc match my FMC's? Usually I fiddle with pilot2atc's descent rate value until both TODs match as close as possible. If I can't make them match exactly or am not in the mood to try different values, I often just request an enroute descent. Is there a better way? I'd appreciate any advice.
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