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  1. Hello, Problem solved 👍 Yesterday I had the error message (see my first post) with the AIRAC 1812 rev3 (I had read the Dave's topic about that) Today I downloaded again the AIRAC 1812 rev3 and replaced in P2A the version rev3 by the fresh version. This time it works fine and I no longer get an error message.
  2. Hello Dave, Pilot2ATC v2.5.0.6_r3, Windows 10 After an AIRAC update (cycle 1812) with the Navigraph FMS Data Manager utility, I get this error message. P2A finally starts, but I don't think it's OK. What should I do?
  3. I use Windows 10 and P2A v2.5.0.4. TERPs functionality works fine.
  4. Yes, the "Open" button was linked to the "Local folder" variable which was defined in the "Flt Pln" page of the P2A configuration. This parameter has been removed from the "Flt Pln" page of v2.5.0.3 Using the similar variable defined in the "P2A Setup" page, this should be OK. ------ In which language is P2A programmed ? (C++ ? , Delphi ? , Visual Basic ?... ) P2A is a very good program for our simulators 👍
  5. Hello Dave 😃 The "Open" button in the "TERPs" window no longer works in the new version of P2A (v2.5.0.3)
  6. JPR

    French Translation of P2A User's Guide

    Thank to Guy 👍
  7. JPR

    TERPs local folder

    I use P2A v2.5.0.2 Windows 10 My "C:\Loisirs\X-Plane 11\Custom Data\charts\" folder is not protected by Windows. I tried configuring the TERPs folder on another hard drive (D:\Temp\P2A_Charts\) : I have the same problem. If I open the PDF files directly with the "Open" button of the TERPs interface, the PDF are loaded in the TERPs windows (so they are well accessible by P2A) Running P2A as Administrator, I have the same problem. Same problem doing that...
  8. JPR

    TERPs local folder

    I just tried, but it still doesn't work. What's my mistake ? 1 2 3
  9. JPR

    TERPs local folder

    Thank you Dave. I will look for that... 👍
  10. Hello Dave 😃 1 - In the P2A configuration I defined the "TERPs Local PDF Folder" : 2 - In my "TERPs Local PDF Folder" I created the subfolder "ESDF" containing two PDF files for the ESDF airport : 3 - Then I open the "TERP" management window with the "TERPs" button and I click on the "Local Charts" checkbox : I have a message indicating that the ESDF folder did not find... ----------------- => What's my mistake ?
  11. Ok, thank you for this answer 👍
  12. Hello Dave 😃 In X-Plane, the airport scenery located in the user "Custom Scenery" folder have priority over the default scenery ("airport.dat" file located here : "\Resources\default scenery\default apt dat\Earth nav data\apt.dat" ) Does P2A take look for the custom scenery located in the user "Custom Scenery" folder of X-Plane when importing gates and taxiway with the "Gate and Taxyway maitenance" tools ?
  13. Thank you Dave for this answer
  14. Ok , thank you Dave for the answer. So, P2A decides whether the STAR and approach should be changed (if "Force Pilot Runway Selection" is not checked in configuration). However the pilot may prefer another STAR and another approach than the one chosen by P2A. Is there possible in P2A ?
  15. Hello Dave, Before take-off, the STAR and APP are not necessarily known in advance on the destination airfield. The active runway may change... Currently in P2A, the STAR and APP must be pre-filled in an IFR flight plan before it is sent for clearance. If the QFU on the destination airfield changes during flight, the APP and likely the STAR in the current flight plan must be changed. How to make a STAR and APP change in flight in P2A ?