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  1. The N key is not affected in P2A. It is always after a long press on the key on the keyboard. With a normal short press, there is no such problem. - It also does this problem with other unassigned hotkeys in P2A if I do a long press with this keys. - I also tried deleting all the hotkeys in P2A (so there are no more assigned hotkeys in P2A): even in this case a long press on the N key (or other key) triggers the copilot radio message "centre <aircraft callsign> at flight level xxx". It is always this message that is transmitted by the copilot.
  2. Hello Dave 🙂 (P2A v2.6.2.2 r3b / X-Plane 11.53 / Windows 10) When I hold down a keyboard key (not assigned in P2A) for a few seconds (e.g. the N key on my physical keyboard), the copilot automatically announces to the control centre for no reason (e.g. "centre <aircraft callsign> at flight level xxx" and the control centre announces the radar contact). This occurs after releasing the keyboard key. I can't suppress this automatic unwanted radio contact from the copilot each time a keyboard key remains pressed for a few seconds (2 to 3 seconds for example) I have tried disabling all keyboard shortcuts in the P2A configuration, but the problem persists. Do you have any idea where this problem could come from?
  3. Ok, thank you Dave 👍
  4. Hello Dave, 🙂 I have just installed the last P2A version v2.6.2.2R3a For the plugin communication with X-Plane, I see two versions of the plugin in the Pilot2ATC directory: - P2A_XPLink - P2A_XPLink-128 What is the difference between this two plugins ?
  5. Hello Dave 🙂 I use the last Pilot2ATC v2.6.2.1_x64 release. For the ATC dialogs, I use the P2A_SpeechAssitant. To send messages, I use a button on my joystick. Every time I send a request or a reply to ATC, I get an unwanted popup window. If I don't close them, I have a lot of windows like this one:
  6. I had the case too : the Center was "Jeddah Control"
  7. Ok 👍 I use X-Plane.
  8. By importing an airport into P2A, then manually making a change, I save the changed airport: it appears correctly in the "User Modified Airports" list 👍 ----- The default airports in P2A are often different from the airports in X-Plane. This is why I always import the departure and destination airports in P2A before flying with X-Plane. I thought that just importing (without manual modification) was enough to make the airport appear in the "User Modified Airports" list. It would be interesting if airports that are only imported (without manual modification) would also appear in this list. This allows us to quickly see if an airport is up to date in P2A. ----- In the screenshot three post above: how the functions work: - Overwrite Taxyways at Modified Airports ? - Overwrite Gates at Modified Airports ? The functioning of the four options (checkboxes) is not described in the documentation.
  9. Just import. I will check with modified airports...
  10. Hello Dave 🙂 With the last update (v2.6.2.0) I have the issue again. (Pilot2ATC started in administrator mode) The modified and saved airport files are well present in the "C:\Loisirs\PGM_X-Plane\Pilot2ATC_2018_x64\Data\P2ABackups\" directory but not in the list here:
  11. In addition with this new version, the RXP GTN 750 no longer appears on the 3D cockpit of the Lancair Legacy RG (Aerobask) for X-Plane. Only the 2D popup window is accessible via the plugin menu of X-Plane v11.51-r1
  12. Have you an estimate time for the next update ?
  13. Hello 🙂 After the last update (v3.0.0.0) of the RXP Trainer I have this error (I have not this error with the previous version) What can I do ?
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