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  1. Thank you RXP for this answer 🙂
  2. Thank you fppilot 🙂 Ok, so there is no possibility to copy/modify or transfer a flight plan. The only possibility is to enter a flight plan only via the X-Plane GTN 750. It is not possible to export a flight plan outside the GTN 750.
  3. Hello 🙂 1 - Using X-Plane and the GTN 750, where are archived in my hard drive the flight plans that are introduced into the GTN 750 from X-Plane ? (not the ones we can import) 2 - If I enter a flight plan from the GTN 750 trainer (flight planning), how do I retrieve (or import) it into the GTN 750 used with X-Plane?
  4. Hello Dave 😀 P2A v2.6.1.1_x64_R3 / Windows 10. At the bottom left of the MAP there are nine icons. The first one concerns the type of airports we want to see on the MAP. The sequence if we press this "Airport" icon several times is: click for ILS... for HardSurface_Long... for HardSurface... for All... Bug (?) : After clicking four times on this icon we have now only two choices: see all airports or no airports. We can't see airport categories with ILS or with HardSurface_Long or with HardSurface.
  5. Ooops, you are right, the mistake is... me 🙄
  6. EDIT: wrong analysis from me. Hello Dave 😃 Pilot2ATC v2. - r3 X-Plane v11.34 - r1 Aircraft used: RWDesign Citation Mustang (with the standard G1000 from Laminar) - On the MFD of the G1000, my ground speed (GS) is 315 Kt - On the PFD of the G1000, I read a 25 kt headwind component => so my true air speed (TAS) is 315 - 25 = 290 kt => my true air speed (TAS) is 315 + 25 = 340 kt ----- Pilot2ATC indicates a wrong true airspeed (TAS) of 340 kt (315 kt + 25 kt) There may be an inversion in the calculation of the true air speed: - With headwind: TAS = ground speed - axis component wind - With downwind: TAS = ground speed + axis component wind Can you check that in P2A ?
  7. So, many airports cannot be imported into the "Gate and Taxy maintenance" utility for runways and taxiways ☹️
  8. Hi Dave 😃 X-Plane v11.32 r2 / P2A v2.5.0.7 / WIndows 10 I come back to this problem: with a very large number of default airports (3D) contained in the main "apt.dat" file of the "default_apt_dat", P2A is unable to import runways and taxiways, while it imports gates without problem. The same applies to the last airports from the X-Plane Gateway, but not yet integrated into X-Plane, so placed in the Custom Scenery. Is it a problem reading data from the main file apt.dat? (main apt.dat from X-Plane v11.32 r2) My scenery pack contains only one scenery (LFML) and libraries. It is in accordance with the P2A manual (see below) ----- For example the default airport: KSOW. Below we shows the fragment from the large file "apt.dat" concerning KSOW. If we look closely there are runways and taxiways that are defined, but P2D can't import them (see attached screenshot) Can you try to import the tracks and taxiways from KSOW (I use the latest release of X-Plane v11.32 r2 and its associated apt.dat file) My scenery_packs.ini Data extracted from main default apt.dat : KSOW
  9. P2A v2.5.0.7 / X-Plane v11.32 r2 / Windows 10 I use Xorganizer and the "scenery_packs.ini" file is correctly created each time by Xorganizer, in the good order and OK with pages 130-131 of the P2A User's Guide. With the scenery_packs.ini file as this : (it is very clean, only one custom scenery for LFML, then just after the "Global Airiports" and then the objects libraries) In theTaxi MNT" => the "Import Taxiways" function fails for the 3D "FAAG" default airport included in X-Plane since its XP v11.00 version (there is not a custom scenery), but the "Import Gates" function works fine. (P2A v2.5.0.7 / X-Plane v11.32 r2 / Windows 10) I am often confronted with this problem... Can you do the test with the FAAG airport (the one in X-Plane by default (from the global default apt.dat folder), not with an add-on) ? ---- With the Scenery_packs.ini file as listed above: Same problem ("Import taxiways" fails) for the "FACT" default airport (included in X-Plane since XP 10.50), same for the "FARS" default airport (included in X-Plane since XP 11.20), same for the "FASX" default airport (included in X-Plane since XP 11.20), same for the "FAOH" default airport (included in X-Plane since XP 10.50), same for the "FAGG" default airport (included in X-Plane since XP 11.00),same for the "FAPG" default airport (included in X-Plane since XP 10.50), etc... but the "Import Gates" function works fine for this airports... But it is OK for importing taxiways for the default FASH airport. ----- Default 2D and 3D airports in X-Plane : https://x-plane.cleverest.eu/ ----- For the default 3D FAAG airport (there are 2 runways and 1 taxiways in X-Plane):
  10. Hello Dave 😃 P2A v2.5.0.7 / X-Plane v11.32 r2 / Windows 10 Taxi MNT" part: the "Import Taxiways" function very often fails, while the "Import Gates" function almost always works. I often encounter this problem with existing 3D airports already present in the X-Plane database and also with 3D airports downloaded from the official X-Plane "Gateway Scenery Map". For example, this is the case of the 3D FAAG airport included in X-Plane since its XP v11.00 version Would there be problems with decoding the runway and taxiway data contained in the "apt.dat" files of the official scenery (Gateway Scenery Map) or the "apt.dat" in "default apt dat" directory of X-Plane v11.32 r2? Jean-Pierre 😃
  11. I know these restrictions depending on the direction of the track, but I didn't know how to inhibit this in P2A. I found the option to check in the P2A setup and everything is OK now with the flight levels. Thank you.
  12. Hello Dave 😃 P2A v2.5.0.6 - r3 / Windows 10 In the boxed area below, we cannot enter an odd flight level. For example, if I enter flight level 230, flight level 240 is displayed. If I enter flight level 210, flight level 220 is displayed. If I enter flight level 260, flight level 260 is displayed correctly.
  13. Hello, Problem solved 👍 Yesterday I had the error message (see my first post) with the AIRAC 1812 rev3 (I had read the Dave's topic about that) Today I downloaded again the AIRAC 1812 rev3 and replaced in P2A the version rev3 by the fresh version. This time it works fine and I no longer get an error message.
  14. Hello Dave, Pilot2ATC v2.5.0.6_r3, Windows 10 After an AIRAC update (cycle 1812) with the Navigraph FMS Data Manager utility, I get this error message. P2A finally starts, but I don't think it's OK. What should I do?
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