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  1. Is there anyway to import these airports into Pilot2ATC?
  2. Personally, I start the sim and have Oculus running in the background. As soon as I get to the MSFS menu, I switch to VR and set up the flight from there. Works well. If I enter the cockpit in 2D then switch to VR I get a lot of stutters.
  3. Yes. However XP11 and LittleNavMap report them as ICAO codes. Do a an airport search in X Plane for 'XEI0007' and it will pull up Ballina and report XEI0007 as the iCAO. Same for LittleNavMap. ::shrug::
  4. So, I'm running AIRAC 2104 on X Plane, LittleNavMap and Pilot2ATC. I create a flightplan in LNM and when i try to import it into P2ATC it cant find it (says it can't find waypoint XEI0007 in database). The airport exists in XPlane. Just wondering why when all 3 programs are using the same AIRAC and airport exists within X PLane, Pilot2ATC doesn't recognise them. I've tried with another airport also with same result. The airports are XEI0007 - Ballina and XEILCEI - Lough Conn.
  5. I've been dabbling with MSFS and I used Pete Dowsons Makerwys tool to import taxiways to P2ATC from MSFS. Back to XP11 now and wondering are my P2ATC taxiways now incorrect for X Plane and if so how do I rectify for xp11 compatability?
  6. It is the Ultimate Edition, yes. No dialogue box or error message...just momentarily throws up the MCE window and closes. I also have MCE for xplane 11 which runs just fine.
  7. Simco64_Ldr.exe MCE I'm a registered user - assuming MSFS works with the old FSX licence?
  8. Can anyone tell me if the mouse can be used to operate the GTN750 in VR mode? Thought I'd reads somewhere recently (could be wrong) that Laminar had enabled mouse support for plugins in VR. [EDIT] Asking for both built-in and popup versions.
  9. So I start up MSFS, am in cockpit, start MCE, get the pilot chatter, message to wait for co-pilot, MCE window appears briefly on screen and then promptly shuts down. I've tried a reinstall with no luck.
  10. New user here. I have P2ATC working fine and have it configured to show Traffic Global aircraft. Just wondering does P2ATC 'manage' the AI aircraft also? If not, does it take into consideration AI aircraft positions when directing you, the pilot? Agin, if not, what type of interaction does P2ATC have with AI traffic like Traffic Global?
  11. Thanks Dave, I've reinstall and it's working. If it happens again I'll post a screenshot.
  12. I've deleted the ldf files. I've rerun the updater. I've rerun the full installer. Always the same error. Currently on the trial peroid. Going to uninstall and try all over but is there a less dramatic way to fix this if it happens again?
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