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  1. I couldn't save the download from one pc to another (networked) but could download from Chrome on the flightsim pc. You could try to disable virus software until downloaded which was my next step. It's a false positive which is well documented on their forum. Hope this helps, Allan.
  2. I use PayPal as much as possible for online purchases. The exchange rate is better most times. Something to look into.
  3. Can EF be installed on networked client pc? The manual says it installs into P3D. Anyone tried it?
  4. Hi all Each time I delete the shader folder and Prepar3D.cfg they are added again by p3d (all good) but what about the user saved profiles in my documents folder? I have a profile for day flying and one for night. Should these be deleted at same time and then saved again? I did search but wanted to be clear on this. Thanks, Allan
  5. Hi. Remember if you are using Aerosoft VNLK its VNL2 you would chose/fly to.
  6. Hi all. I asked this question years ago in a truck sim forum and am interested in what flight simmers think. With the recent 4.2, airbus etc updates I found a lot of people impatient for the latest patch/update to their favourite plane/scenery. So I thought its not the flight sim platform some are interested in its just the need to have the latest updates the most expensive plane and not actually flying! For me, it is both. Been flight siming for 25+ years and am comfortable with a stable version with no CTD etc but with a study plane in good scenery. Allan Thomson
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