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  1. The .cfg file is there. The other models are not affected. Take a look at these screenshots. http://imgur.com/a/nFhMn
  2. Avsim member Jankees did an awesome repaint for me several years ago. It is a repaint for the Carenado V35B, which looks just like one that my father used to own in the 70s and 80s. For whatever reason the windows are 'tinted' so much that they are black in the VC. Jankees hasn't been back on in the forums lately. Would anyone be willing to take a look at for me? Thanks!
  3. I know the real BBJ expansion is not available yet, but I have seen some slick BBJ liveries for the 800. I am currently using the 'Bandit' livery. Does anyone else have a favorite ?
  4. It makes me wonder if the only department that is open at AOA is there accounting department (receivables anyway) ...I sorely regret buying the Captain's Package up front. The fact that they won't refund for this product is particularly troubling to me, it shows that they might not even have the money left to refund.
  5. I have found some tutorials with Screenshots for setup with CH products... but I have not found one for Saitek.
  6. That sounds like the cleanest way to do it. I have been using SPAD in conjunction with FSUIPC... but it sounds like that is unnecessary. What do I need to do (in FSX) in order to disable the joystick support ?
  7. I have my Saitek Pro Flight yoke, pedals, and one extra throttle quadrant installed on my flight sim for use with NGX. I am new to FSUIPC, so I have some real basic questions and problems to correct. First, do I need to run all my 'Control' setting (every axis, button, joystick command, etc) through FSUIPC and delete any trace of them from the stock FSX settings ? Does this include the 'View' controls ? I have deleted the throttle and landing gear settings from stock FSX setting, but sometimes a throttle will just go full blast and I am frantically moving all the quadrant levers to get it to idle back down. I wish there was a way to just 'load' a configuration into FSUIPC to make all the controls work properly... or a guide just for FSUIPC and Saitek.
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