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  1. The .cfg file is there. The other models are not affected. Take a look at these screenshots. http://imgur.com/a/nFhMn
  2. Avsim member Jankees did an awesome repaint for me several years ago. It is a repaint for the Carenado V35B, which looks just like one that my father used to own in the 70s and 80s. For whatever reason the windows are 'tinted' so much that they are black in the VC. Jankees hasn't been back on in the forums lately. Would anyone be willing to take a look at for me? Thanks!
  3. D'oh! I think the OP meant the entire sim simply runs smoother, I did not see a reference to better FPS. I re-installed after the NGX release, following their FSX recommended install procedure.
  4. The guys at FS2Crew are saying it's 'strongly recommended by PMDG' ... I don't remember that from my original install of the NGX, but I have been known to overlook directions like this. For some reason I would think that 'LOADING IN 2D IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED' would stick out to me. Thanks for the input scandinavian13, much appreciated.
  5. ok. I will try that this evening. Does PMDG recommend loading in 2D ? I am sure it is in the manual, but I am at work and do not have it in front of me.
  6. My default load state is 2D... that's why I am asking.
  7. That's good to know... I have had the same issue before but had not taken the time to delve into what I was doing wrong. I should probably sit down and RTFM sometime.
  8. A couple of questions about 2-D cockpit views:1)Is it recommended to load the NGX in 2-D cockpit ? 2) When I load in 2-D, it stays for about 5 sec (give or take 3s) ... then switches back to VC during the NGX initialization. Is NGX loading VC during initialization or is EXDOK maybe doing this ? OR do I have something screwed up somewhere ?Thanks
  9. What livery are you using ? When I switched to the PMDG House livery I was able to get the engines started.
  10. When I get home from work I may try turning off EZDOK and loading the NGX to see if that is what is causing it to switch back to VC after a few seconds. Although... even if it does switch back, isn't it technically still 'loading' in 2-D ? Too many add-ons at one time is making my head hurt. :(
  11. I thought it was 'button 2' on my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke... but now I am thinking it is something to do with my old 'view' settings in FSX (which I am going to clear out completely) and ezdok. Are you using ezdok ?
  12. One thing that changed was the livery I was using. After the re-install I started using the PMDG 800WL House... I had been using a livery I downloaded from the Avsim library called Bandit. After my success earlier I went back to the Bandit and had the same problems. I am now back in the house livery and things seem to be working correctly.
  13. Amen to that ! I can't wait for the Hotfixes to release. Keep up the good work.
  14. All I did was re-install. I changed the 2-D setting yesterday... I did have a switch assigned to it that (I think) was causing it to instantly go to VC when the NGX loaded. I deleted that assignment yesterday and it would stay in the 2-D, but still no FO engine starts.After the re-install of FS2Crew, the NGX stays in 2-D for about 5 seconds... then back to VC. Maybe something to do with EZDOK ??? The only key command to go to VC is default F9. I decided to re-install after reading another post in the Voice Control forum where re-install solved the user's problem... albeit it was a different problem than mine.
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