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  1. Having built my current PC back in March with a 3900X and 2070 Super GPU coupled with 32Gb @ 3600Mhz RAM, I'm getting really decent FPS (30+) in Flightsim at mostly Ultra with one or two sliders pulled back a little to their High setting. BUT, I'm also so tempted with the upgrades coming out now. Without the need to upgrade motherboard, I could go to the 5900X (or even 5950X, though that would be total overkill), coupled with the new RTX 3080 (again tempting to go all out for the 3090 but again, probably overkill). Want to maximise potential of the current PC in terms of motherboard (X570), ram etc, and I think this would take it as far as it'll likely go before a complete rebuild next time. Might as well spend the cash that would have gone on holidays and travel given that's off the cards in the current circumstances...
  2. Yeh, you’re right; I must be running a different version of Microsoft Flight Simulator after all.
  3. Surely the point is this: in a situation where a load of people are running exactly the same app on different machines and one group are getting on just fine whereas the other are suffering CTDs, then the obvious place to look is differences in their setups. It could be any one of the following: - hardware and config, including overclocking and non-standard bios settings, drivers etc - software environment, including OS version and config, other apps running in background or foreground - app mods and non-standard setup and any conflicts there The evidence from the thousands of people running MSFS2020 just fine is that fundamentally the software is sound save for some feature improvements required. those suffering CTDs however must, in the first instance at least, look to their own setup and ask themselves “why me?”. The answer is almost certainly one or more of the causes outlined above. It’s very difficult to diagnose the specific issue impacting one person’s PC experience, but almost impossible for the software developers to do it on entirely different systems and setups. Broad-based testing and diagnostic tools can help, but it’ll never help everyone. finally, remember the few with the greatest issues (plus the trolls, of course) will always shout the loudest and cloud the impression given on forums such as this. Unfortunately, in more ways than one, the spotlight‘s on them.
  4. Definitely an issue with FacetrackNoIR. Even if not using it, just having it installed can cause this issue. Fully uninstall FacetrackNoIR from PC and problem goes away.
  5. Yes, I noticed that almost immediately, and posted on the main MSFS forum... Nobody else commented though. I'm glad I'm not the only one!
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