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  1. Hello Dave, Came across the following bug. Requesting in EHAM IFR Clearance on 121.97, response is 'KLM Twelve Zero Three Contact Clr_PreTaxi on One Two One Point Six Five, have a good afternoon'. Changing frequency to 121.65 and request IFR Clearance. No response. Checked again on the 2nd ClrDel frequency 122.42 for IFR Clearance, response is again 'KLM Twelve Zero Three Contact Clr_PreTaxi on One Two One Point Six Five, have a good afternoon'. Again no response on 121.65 When neede I can send you the log-file. Regards, Rob
  2. Thanks Dave, Did some additional testing. I have around 55 pln.files in my flightplan folder. It seems that it only happens with flightplans in Western Europe. Anyway good to hear that it will be resolved by the NavDataPro team. Again thanks for your support. Rob
  3. Hi Dave, I have the same problem but I suspect there is more to it. I first noticed that while importing a .pln file I only got the departure and destination airport loaded. Trying to add the airways manual they wouldn't load. I restored AIRAC-cycle 1710 and got an database error while starting P2A. Next step I removed all files from the data-folder and did a full install which contains the AIRAC-cycle 1701. Database error is gone but still the .pln-file will only load departure airport and arrival airport. I can't load airways (adding waypoints is no problem). I don't think the issue is related to the upgrade of the AIRAC-cycle to 1711 as it also happens with 1701. I use the folowing versions: P3D 4.1, NavDataPro, Windows 10. Flightplan used ELLX MMD8X MMD UM163 CTL UT10 ALESO UT420 BUZAD OLIV3A EGBB. Regards, Rob
  4. I can confirm that the FO set the new frequency in COM2 but does not switch to COM1. After switching manual the FO responds again to ATC. This all on Rob P.S. In my last flight the same problem until during approach in the handover to Tower the FO decided to switch the frequency.
  5. Thanks Dave for your quick response, it works as you described. Airport information window gives all the gates. There seems no relationship between the gates list in the Airport Information window and the blue-pins in the taxi-maintenance, does this affect the taxi-instructions I get from ATC? Regards, Rob
  6. Hello Dave, Somewhere during the developments we have lost the correct gaten information. I'm using P2A, P3D v3 and NavDataPro v17.06. Take as an example LFML (Marseille, FR). In the default bgl (file APX49160.bgl) the airport has 12 gates and 24 parkings, numbered 1 - 24 where some numbers are used twice for different gates (i.e. Gate_B 8 and Gate_C 8) The gates in the default bgl for LFML are: Type,Name,Number GATE_SMALL, GATE_G, 5 GATE_SMALL,GATE_G , 6 GATE_SMALL, GATE_A, 1 GATE_SMALL, GATE_A, 2 GATE_SMALL, GATE_B, 3 GATE_SMALL, GATE_B, 4 GATE_HEAVY, GATE_A, 7 GATE_MEDIUM, GATE_B, 8 GATE_MEDIUM, GATE_C, 8 GATE_SMALL, GATE_C, 9 GATE_SMALL, GATE_A, 10 GATE_SMALL, GATE_C, 10 In the P2A Airport Information for LFML there are only 4 gates mentioned 12, 13, 14 and 18. Using the Taxi Mnt-button I get the layout of the airport with, I think, all gates and parkings but most of them with the same number. I don't know how to check if there is gate-information in NavDataPro for LFML and if this is used but the result in the Airport Information window (gate 12,13,14,18) seems not correct. I hope you have enough detail to investigate otherwise I can send extra info (and screenshots) via email. Regards, Rob
  7. Hi Dave, After installing I have the following issue. In the config pop-up window the tabs have moved a few inches down. As the window is fixed in size not all information is visible anymore. Is it correct that in the speech assistant there is no text to select for 'enroute descent'? What is the correct grammar for this request? Regards, Rob
  8. I had the same problem with the copilot options, setting the 'show in-line grammar help' in P2A-setup resolved it for me. Not sure if that is a pre-requisite but it worked for me. Rob
  9. Hi Dave, Probably not a bug but then a request. I have voices assigned to some of my frequencies in the Voices-tab. I can change them but is there a way of removing the assignement? I would prefer the voice to be assigned randomly again. Regards, Rob Edit: Just found out, select and delete will do the job
  10. Hi Dave, Found a small bug in the use of the "Load Airway"-function take as an example: EGPD/16 DCT GLESK P600 FENIK L612 CALDA DCT MCT JACK1M EGLC/09 Using the function on GLESK the pop-up window shows airway P600 and its waypoints, the second time you use the function on FENIK it shows L612 with the waypoints of P600. Regards, Rob
  11. Dave, That was what I did. While flying the STAR I requested the next altitude restriction in the arrival (this was before you explained the difference between "fly the xxxx Arrival" and "descend via the xxxx Arrival"). The pop-up referred to a waypoint in the SID. Now with my current knowledge I know that I shouldn't ask for the lower altitude when instructed to "Fly the approach". You can leave it for now, If it happens again I will make a report. Thanks for the support Rob
  12. Thanks David, This helped me a lot. My next flight was flawless with P2A assigning my SID, STAR and Approach. Altitude assignments were aligning to STAR-entrypoint and altitude restrictions in the STAR. Rob
  13. Thanks Dave, I understand. I don't let P2A determin my SID,STAR and Approach (switchd that off in Config) so I enter the complete plan before departure. Not realistic but helps to keep the different add-ons aligned. I assume the pop-up was not correct. Rob
  14. Hi Dave, I have a question about the TOD calculation and found what I think is a bug. Version, cycle 1609, route -EDDL/23L N0452F370 MODR1T MODRU Z283 SUMAS UZ283 RITAX UT27 GTQ UN852 BALSI BALS8C LFML/31R. FL370, Plan GS 350, Descent rate 1500 FPM, TOD Dist 31.1 NM In the plan the TOD is calculated between GIRKU and BALSI on airway UN852, this is much further away then the 31.1 NM mentioned in the top of the screen. What's the difference? I saw the response from Helge on my previous report but like to understand. During descent I request a lower altitude and get a pop-up telling me "Minimum altitude restiction: Cruise altitude set to Minimum SID altitude at MODRU". As the message says MODRU is part of the SID and I'm flying the STAR. Regards, Rob
  15. Thanks Helge, very helpful info. Still I think something is wrong with the TOD calculation represented in the P2A screen but will make a seperate report for that. Rob
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