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  1. Hi Bryan, PREPAR3D V4.5 HOTFIX 2 is now available on the Lockheed Martin website, is it compatible with all your products? or is it better to wait for an update on your part in order to avoid possible incompatibility? Thank you.
  2. Hi Bryan, Thanks for the information no worries we will wait 👍😏.
  3. Salut manuel Bon nouveau merci pour votre travail Je sais que la tâche ne doit pas être facile, que devons-nous faire maintenant? Désinstallez et téléchargez à nouveau UGCX via notre compte Fs2Crew? Merci encore à toute l'équipe.
  4. Hi Manuel, Ok no worries, thanks to you and Bryan for your involvement.
  5. Salut Bryan, Je viens de vous envoyer une demande d'assistance. Merci de votre aide.
  6. I Manuel, I just did the test on EDDF with the F22 Raptor (default plane of P3D) without activating any product Fs2Crew only UGCX I have selected Voice Control in interface unfortunately it does not work the voice is not recognized.
  7. Good evening Manuel, I have the latest version of Windows 7 full. Thank you for your investigation and implication to solve the problem.
  8. I think that as Olleollesson said above in one of his post, if you use the Windows interface other than English US (French, Polish style or other...) unfortunately it does not work, for my part I use the Windows interface french version and I should therefore select French language in the option menu UGCX but if I chose this option it will no longer be possible to use the other products Fs2Crew (737/777/747 PMDG and Airbus Fslabs) because they does not work exclusively with the English US option in Windows speech recognition, I think it would be really wrong to not be able to use the 2 simultaneously (at least for people using an interface other than English Us) Question: An update is planned to use UGCX like the other products Fs2Crew (737/777 ....).
  9. Hi Bryan, I am French and my operating system Windows 7 is in french version I just configure the voice recognition in English US to be able to use the modules Fs2Crew (737/777/747 and Fslabs) and I am not until meeting any problem with these modules ..... Akim.
  10. Yes Bryan I confirm it is done (Interface: Voice Control in Aircraft Profile Settings) while preparing the pushback process as well as other settings: Aircraft has bypass pin, Use term "Facing" instead of "Tail "During pushback ....
  11. Hello Bryan, I have exactly the same problem as Olleollesson, I never had the possibility to choose the language as via the option in part 2 of the manual UGCX page 3, so you can not use the voice option ... I specifies that I use FS2crew voice for 737/747/777 PMDG and Airbus FsLabs without any problem the voice is perfectly reconu. Cordially. Akim.
  12. Hello my friend,I have like you download via my account Navigraph the last update for the PMDG 737 NGX and the cycle is well 1701 for the simple and good reason that we start a new year and that the cycle then starts to zero in detail 17 = 2017 for the year and 01 = January for the month.I hope you answered your question.Good flight to you and happy new year. :wink:
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