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  1. Does anybody have news about? I saw this http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/ge-view.436365/ Requested the program but no answer.
  2. The NVidiaInspector adjustment: Antialiasing: "Enhance Application", in my case improves a little bit, Antialiasing setting: 2x is great improvement runway lines OK (shadows excluded) runway lines OK, but generates a light square shadow on the left windshield of the Cherokee, and after take off there are like reflections on trees ad buildings and a gigantic shadow of the plane, not artifacts, very annoying. Same for the Cub Intel i7@ 2.8 GHz GTX660 8Gb memory 2x1Tb HDD Other sims run well, with adjustments in accordance with the PC
  3. The FSc cfg don't need tweaks. The main problem is in the interior shadows. I have been unable of solve the jagged shadows, the best for me has been to include FSc in my FSX adjustments in Nvidia Inspector. This same problem I have in X-plane all ok but the shadows.
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