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  1. People reporting spikes but in the case of river Ebro in Spain the strange elevation of the river like a channel is a spike of 800 KM.Just mention that in the first version of P3D v5 was the contrary, the river was sunken in a canyon of 800 Km
  2. As far as I know the cloned file works exactly as the source file.
  3. Thanks pemigris for the xmltools tip. In order to save disk space users of P3D v4 and 5 can use, for instance, linkshellextension; https://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/hardlinkshellext.html Pick link source of DA62 folder in v4 addons and drop as clone of symbolic link in v5 addons, the clone is 0 bits file. The DA62 of MSFS2020 is developed in house by ASOBO.
  4. Does anybody have news about? I saw this http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/ge-view.436365/ Requested the program but no answer.
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