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  1. Truij

    RAAS Pro 64Bit Not holding Settings

    Yes, I'm using P3Dv4.4 with WIN10 64 1809
  2. Truij

    RAAS Pro 64Bit Not holding Settings

    I only use FSLabs and PMDG. I have this issue with both of them. Cheers Roland
  3. Truij

    RAAS Pro 64Bit Not holding Settings

    I installed the newest version and still have this issue. I am flying with the fslabs bus and when i restart the sim, RAAS is inactive, i.e. the master switch is off again (eventhough I saved it with the master switch on and the airbus profile). I always have to check the master switch to on in order to get RAAS working. Is there a solution now for this behaviour. With the Sept 2017 release I never had this. Cheers Roland
  4. Thank you Keven, update works nice on my side.
  5. Thank you Keven. I understand that the effects only appear when the conditions required are met. All clear now and OK.
  6. Mine is starting. I just started a flight with pmdg 747-400 and I had some activities in the status indicator. I reached cruising level and the status indicator shows that only the contrails and engine smoke are active (green). I have turned on the beacon, nav lights, strobe etc. but it does not show them as active (green) in the status indicator. Is this behaviour correct or is there a bug?
  7. The status indicator is not turning green eventhough the sim is running and the pmdg 747-400 is loaded. I started the immersion manager within the sim. In VFXCentral I have only the possibility to uninstall the immersion manager but not to apply any settings. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Truij

    Prepar3d V3.4 Crashing with PMDG

    Maybe you have reached the max amount of sceneries installed (in my case this happenend with ca. 210 sceneriies installed) and that causes the CDT. Try to disable some of your sceneries you do not need. In my case this helped I can load any PMDG AC again. Rgds Roland