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  1. Thank you Dave. Change done. Roland
  2. I was flying today to Warsaw and was asked to tune into Warsaw Ctr at 143.50. Obviously, it is not possible to tune it that frequency as the frequency band stops somewhere at 138.xy Could you pls correct that in the next update. Thank you. Regards Roland
  3. Hi, since today I am not able to change frequencies manually in the standy radio. I started a flight in EPWA and it was not able to contact CtrDel. I am now since 48 min in the air and I did restart the program but still no chance to contact e.g. Prague Ctr as the frequency doe not change. Regards Roland
  4. Have you checked in the Config Speech Tab of P2A the Copilot Options boxes that he responds to the Radio and changes the frequencies?
  5. Thanks Dave. I had indeed ATC not turned off . Now it seems to work as I was used from P3D. Great. Roland
  6. As I wrote earlier today, I am able to connect to P2A but I made the following observations during a flight from KJFK to TNCM in the A320 Neo: 1. When headed over to a new controller the Squawk Code changes in the aircraft as well as in P2A 2. A new frequency is only tuned in for a very short period of time and then it is reset to the former frequency or to a completely different frequency 3. After a while in the air, I am not able to communicate to P2A Roland
  7. Had the same until I updated FS2020 to V and now P2A works great. Roland
  8. I have installed FSUIPC7 and started the procedure as described in the first post but Pilot2ATC won't connect. Do I have to change in the config something to make it running with MSFS2020? Regards Roland
  9. Thank you Keven. I understand that the effects only appear when the conditions required are met. All clear now and OK.
  10. Mine is starting. I just started a flight with pmdg 747-400 and I had some activities in the status indicator. I reached cruising level and the status indicator shows that only the contrails and engine smoke are active (green). I have turned on the beacon, nav lights, strobe etc. but it does not show them as active (green) in the status indicator. Is this behaviour correct or is there a bug?
  11. The status indicator is not turning green eventhough the sim is running and the pmdg 747-400 is loaded. I started the immersion manager within the sim. In VFXCentral I have only the possibility to uninstall the immersion manager but not to apply any settings. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Maybe you have reached the max amount of sceneries installed (in my case this happenend with ca. 210 sceneriies installed) and that causes the CDT. Try to disable some of your sceneries you do not need. In my case this helped I can load any PMDG AC again. Rgds Roland
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