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  1. Thank you for your thoughts Mr. Randazzo. I would like to hear more from you on this topic. I felt ok when I posted my podcast the other day after talking to Dovetail. Feeling that devs could appear to play along by having their products in The Steam Store while putting their real marketing efforts on their own sites thus ensuring that they get as much from their products sold off their own site as possible.But, if that isn't the case then we do indeed have a huge problem on our hands! I too, despise the pay to beta test model. But, again, my feeling was that with everyone who got Flight School being able to get FS World for free that this would be very close to a free program. Of, course you bring up very good points. And, as well all know, selling a sim is like selling a game console. You don't make your money off the sim. You make your money off of charging devs for the right to develop for your platform. After reading your thoughts on your subject I am going to have to rethink this whole thing and what it means for the flight sim industry. From the sound of things Dovetail may have killed their own product. Because, it won't sell if PMDG and Aerosoft don't develop for it.
  2. Thanks for the help @scandinavian13. I did some thinking and just switched to SE with a fresh install. Still wonder what the issue was. But, oh well
  3. The paths are both right. Hmmm. I have them both on the same drive. Do you think moving Steam to another drive might help? I am willing to give the mechanic a try as well
  4. It looks like there is a registry error. Is there any easy way to fix that via regedit? On reinstall the 777-300 Expansion was the only installer that let me install to Steam. 737 and expansion, base 777 and 747 v3 (double checked that I had the right installer) still don't give me the Steam option. Thanks Kyle. And good luck on your practical!
  5. Quick question, I am trying to install the 747 in both FSX and FSX:SE side by side. I installed FSX:SE after FSX so when I tried to install it in steam all I got was the option to repair or uninstall. So I uninstalled thinking I would get the option to do both when I reinstalled. I didn't get that option. Do I need to buy another copy of the 747? Any ideas?
  6. This is music to me ears! Just wait a few more weeks. I get paid on the first
  7. It became a wishlist. Oops. We will see what happens. As Tom Petty said the waiting is the hardest part
  8. Me too. The 757 has gotten so little love in FSXsince PMDG last did it. I am still sad about Level D. They made a great airplane in their 767. I still fly it from time to time
  9. Point well made. But, I would think by the time the 747 is done including the dash 8. The Max will likely be in service. I would assume another product would be announced after the 747 but before the 737 v3. Who knows what it will be. But, by the time product x comes out and V3 is up to bat The Max might be more prevalent. Of course this is all academic. We have no idea what happens after the 747. Just doing some backseat piloting from 32f. As for the classic, I would love to see it but that seems unrealistic. The NG has been a PMDG staple since the early 2000s. Correct me if I am wrong, but, they have never touched The Classic. I think the airliners they made before The NG were the 757 and 767 but that was before the days when I flew The PMDG. If I am making a wishlist it would go: 757 767 737 MAX 777X Then maybe an Airbus or whatever Boeing is making in the late 2020s/2030s Of course I know PMDG doesn't take product suggestions. Still it's fun the think about the future. to The 747 and beyond!
  10. So with talks of an NGV3 I've been scratching my head and doing some thinking. I love The NG, of course, I think it's the plane I spend the most time in. But, I would really like to see the MAX as well so I can fly across The Atlantic in one go without hoping for favorable winds. I am all for the promised performance improvements as well. Anyone else want to talk 737 in this time of the 747?
  11. I'd love to read those reports! I've been into zoning since playing SimCity 2000 way back when. I am about 1-2 miles off the final for rwy 31r at KCIC. It can get noisy around the time of the airshow or around fire season. Most of the time it isn't an issue at all. Those leaf blowers and mowers thou. Don't they know I am just going to bed after a 15 hour 777 flight? How rude!
  12. Hey all I am looking for a few fictional repaint that I've searched hi and low for. Virgian America and The Western Pacific Simposons Jet. I'd happily donate for the trouble. Please and thank you!
  13. I know this is an old topic, but. was sp1c supposed to let me install the 737 in FSX:SE and FSX or only one or the other? I've messed with the install trying to get it into both versions of FSX with no success. I am ok with just installing it in Steam, but, thus far I am still stuck with it being an FSX only install. Any tips would be appreciated!
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