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  1. Hello @FPVSteve are you still in development or is it now finally a product for which money was collected and will never be finished? I would not be surprised.
  2. @FPVSteve will there be any news ever concering the release of V1.6?
  3. I wonder how long it will be before Steve closes this forum site because he can't take criticism. After all, that's why he closed Discord, and when he noticed that the same questions were being asked in the comments on Youtube (oh, wonder), he closed that too. I look once very deep into the fortune-telling ball and name the date of the blocking of this forum page: after this comment. And another date was given to me by this when the update 1.6 comes: 31 December 9999
  4. Yes, no doubt, but if you constantly promise an update for over a year, you disappoint the customers and you loose credibility. The last update has been in August 2020 and since then, we have been promised V1.6, but this has never occured.
  5. Cross the pond is tomorrow, SLC is still on V1.55. Promise not kept - as always on this program.
  6. Hello I'm looking for a repaint in SWISS livery to use it as a "replacement" CS100/300 in my P3DV4, since the model of Camil Valiquette does not work in P3DV4. The following liverys would be nice to have: Embraer 170 SWISS HB-JBA Embraer 190 SWISS HB-JCA Thanks for your help. Jan
  7. What about the following Add-ons? - Vasfmc 2.1 Standalone Version - TDS, SkySpirit (737,767,777,787) - Project Airbus (A318-A321, A380) - Posky Aircrafts (A330,A340) - FSPassengers - Feelthere (Feelthere Map) -Wilco (Embraer 170-195) - Aerosoft Cities and Aerosoft Airports - Taxi2Gate Airports - PFPX - Freeware Sceneries - Customed Afcad Files with Default Jetways - Custom 2D/3D Panels - GoFlight Modules - Flight 1 A/C, Utilities Thanks Jan
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