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  1. Thanks Randy, but this is far too complicated for me and I don't have Flikr,but thx for your input anyways. John
  2. Hi Alex. Thanks for your perseverance. Much appreciated. Sorry, I can't see how to attach the image on the 'submit reply' page. How do I attach the jpeg screen shot please. Cheers. John
  3. Hi Alex. Thx for your input. No I can't see the a/c on the map. I have looked in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ABarthel. but there is no 'settings folder' when I open ABarthel Thank you John
  4. Thx Alex, but the icons are disabled, even when I'm connected to the sim and in the cockpit ???? Thanks for your reply John
  5. I'm running LNMap with my P3D4, it is ok except that the Icons for 'Show simulator aircraft position' and 'show simulator AI and boats icon' is also frozen. Does anybody know what have tom do to activate them. I have already tried re-installing LNMap, but that didn't help the situation. Cheers John
  6. I am running P3Dv4. WIN10. I hope someone can help me with a problem I have with the Saitek Throttle. All my Saitek gear is working ok, Yoke, rudder pedals, Propeller and mixture. I have them all set up using FSUIPC. But, the Pedestal throttle only functions between 50% - 100%, anything below 50% is inoperative. Does anybody know please what I can do to fine tune the pedestal throttle so when it is at zero percent it registers zero and when it is at 100% it registers 100%. Thank you in advance John
  7. Thanks everybody for your assistance. Much appreciated.
  8. Him Folks, I have six UK2000 sceneries in my P3Dv4. When I go to the Scenery Library in P3D the six sceneries are greyed out though they do have a tick in the box next to each of them. If they are greyed out does this mean they are not functioning properly? Also supposing I want to remove the six from the scenery library, I can't because I can not select them as they are greyed out. Any help appreciated. John
  9. Hi Folks. Does anybody know of a good freeware scenery for Duxford EGSU for P3Dv4 please Thank you John
  10. Hi Folks, do you know what do I need to do to get the Yaw damper to register ON/OFF, when I select it, it says OFF all the time Thanks John
  11. It's ok thanks I have sorted the problems by doing a re-install. However I do have another problem if anybody could help please. When I put the parking brake on it turns my GPS's off, then after a couple of seconds they re-boot and the aircraft starts to initialise again. Does anybody know what causes this please. Thank you John
  12. Hi Folks. Can anybody please help solve these two problems I'm having with the Carenado Phenom 300. I am running P3Dv4.3. When I load the phenom, I click 'Shift 6' and select Ready to Taxi. I wait for the alignment to complete. When I open the 'Proline Loading Screen' the navigraph just sits at 0 percent, and doesn't download. When I open the FMS and click on Procedures, the airport ICAO does not show in the departure window. I try to type the ICAO in, but the cockpit keypad does not do anything. It is not working. Can someone telll me what I'm doing wrong please. Is it perhaps a faulty install? Thanks John
  13. Hi Folks. I have just bought the iFly 737NG for my P3D4.2. I did have the P3D3 version and I flew it a lot, so I am very familiar with starting this aircraft up from cold & dark. But in this P3D4 version, I follow the start up procedures to the letter, but at the end of it all after starting engines successfully even I end up with an ELEC warning on the glare shield, and the 1st officers display does not show the artificial horizon. I cannot see why I am getting this 'elec' warning. Does anybody know if there is something I need to do with P3D4 version that I didn't do with P3D3? Thanks folks John
  14. I have installed the Phenom 300 and Nav pack, but when I get in the cockpit, none of my Saitek controls work i.e. Throttle, flaps. They do for all my other aircraft. Does anybody know please why this is? I'm using P3Dv3, Win7 Thanks John
  15. Hi Folks I hope someone can help me with the following problem. I run P3Dv3 with Win 7. I can open P3D and get to the front page. But, when I select a flight or a saved flight as soon as I click on OK P3D throws up the message 'a fatal error occurred'. Does anybody know what is causing this please? Thanks John
  16. Thanks for that vcman, I realise the reason for the insufficient fuel message, but checking the Long' and Lat' of the waypoint won't take it out of the FMC. I need to know why it is registering in the FMC in the first place.
  17. Hi Folks. Hope somebody can help. Every time I align the IRS's and then set the position in the FMC I get my first way point 1000nm+ at the top of the FMC legs page, and needless tom say a message saying Insufficient fuel. I know I am aligning the IRS's correctly and adding the co-route in the FMC correctly. So, does anybody know why I am getting this ridiculous waypoint 1 1000's of miles away, and nothing to do with my flight plan. Thank you John
  18. OK TW, Will do .Thanks for all your help. I guess we've reached the 'End of the Line' lol. Thanks again Mon Ami
  19. Ah. Found it. It is Keep FS clock sync'd and it is ticked and in the Also minutes within this number - I have 5 Is that ok? John
  20. Great name - Great band. Thanks for your answer, I've been into FSUIPC but can't find time sync, could you please tell me which tab it comes under. Thanks John
  21. Hi Folks. I'm running P3Dv3 with Win7. If I fly a couple of hours flight, during the flight at least twice P3D stops momentarily to reload the scenery traffic etc. Does anybody know what may be causing this please. Also, the program will 'blip' on and off now and again for a split second. Thank you John
  22. Sorry, not sure what you mean by that J35OE - friction add-on running?
  23. In the High Position. Thanks J35 I'll give that a go. John
  24. Hi Folks. When I fly the Carenado C208 Caravan with my P3Dv3. Taxiing is virtually impossible. The throttle either speeds the aircraft to taxi at 21kts + with very little throttle, but when pulling throttle back just slightly the taxi speed drops to zero in no time. It seems all or nothing at all. There is no gradual action with the throttle. I tried setting the controls with FSUIPC, but I still got the same poor throttle results. Is there anything in the C208 .cfg that can be tweaked to enable the throttles to perform correctly please? John
  25. Thx chock, that could be the answer. Much appreciated John
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