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  1. Bingo! Thank 'ya, Bert!
  2. I have two stored flight plans showing in my Flight Plan Catalog. But I'm unable to access either. The outer knob has no effect and the Page Menu has no "select" option. How do I access stored flight plans? Thanks! v. FS9/Win10-64
  3. Ideas, anyone? (Surely I'm not alone out here!) Thanks, Frank
  4. I recently (June 2017) dusted off my trusty FS9 and installed it on a modern desktop, then downloaded and installed TileProxy. The good news: TileProxy appears to run normally, all the way to the ovals, and the selected flight (Seattle) loads normally. The bad news: Everything around the airport is black. And when I check the cache folder, it's empty. Here are the specs: -FS9.1 -Win10-64bit -Tileproxy-Beta8-Nov16 My ProxyUser.ini is shown below. I've doubled-checked that the cache folder reference is correct (the folder is E:\Tileproxy cache) #My ProxyUser.ini starts here [TileProxy] master_enable=On diskless_mode=Off offline_mode=No max_lod=15 preload_min_lod=9 preload_max_lod=15 max_contexts=512 water_mask=On water_blending=Off blend_distance=500.0 blend_exponent=1.0 alpha_min=0.2678 alpha_max=0.7 water_rgb=#407B80 water_smoothing=Off water_threshold=0.33 cache_bytes_limit=100000000 cache_tiles_limit=100000 source=Bing menu_sources="Bing" enable_hooking=No enable_dx9hook=No enable_movingmap=No movingmap_alpha=255 movingmap_color=#ff000000 movingmap_xpos=88 movingmap_ypos=15 movingmap_width=60 movingmap_height=80 movingmap_radius=60 [Bing] cache_folder=E:\Tileproxy cache\cache.Bing network_module=libnettile module_config="conn=20|rate=2.0|verbose=0|server=http://a*|path=/tiles/a%s.jpeg?g=%v|quad=0123|balance=0123|useragent=Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)" min_level=9 max_level=19 map_version=5423 level_mapping=9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 #level_mapping=9,10,11,12,14,14,15,16,17,18,19 more radius HQ (13->14) #level_mapping=9,10,11,14,14,14,15,16,17,18,19 even more radius in HQ (12,13->14) color_hack=Yes color_level=13 bulk_extend=25 #End of ProxyUser.ini I'd GREATLY appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! Frank
  5. Ah, but silence speaks volumes! Personally, I'm not interested in v5 because I'm so disappointed with v4 --- the robot voice delivery, multiple back-to-back heading changes of 5 degrees (with no pause in between), "descend to 4,000" when you are level at your assigned 3,000, etc. Never thought I'd go back to the fs atc, but as a real-world instrument pilot, I can tell you that it's a lot more realistic than RC.
  6. Thanks, guys.graemeb: Have you tried any of the "betas"?
  7. Ooops . . . scratch Q#2 - my mistake.But still have the first problem.
  8. Any current user information on the Mindstar or CLS G1000 panel? I've read on other forums that Mindstar appears to have stopped G1000 development, and no one's posted anything on CLS's G1000 forum since 2009. I read good initial reviews on both products but would prefer to go with one that's still actively supported. Anyone have some experiences this year? Thanks! Frank
  9. I'm shopping for a Garmin 1000 panel for FS9 and am considering the CLS product. I always consider recent forum chatter before buying an app, but there's none here. And on CLS's own forum, nothing's been posted since 2009! (I asked them about this and was simply told that they "don't get any questions" on the G1000.)If there are any users reading this, is no news good news?Thanks! Frank
  10. I just purchased and installed ASE (FS9/XP). What a great app!!I have two questions:1)When I launch ASE, by default it tries to download weather after loading the internal files. That's great for folks who have a reliable internet connection (mine is down more often than up). Is it possible to configure ASE so that it does not automatically try to download upon start-up? (Otherwise, I have a 5-minute wait while it tries to connect to a non-existent connection.)2) On the WxConfig page, I'm unable to enter negative numbers in the temp and dewpoint boxes. Unfortunately, I get lots of days with sub-zero weather! Have tried with both of the "-" keys. What's the secret?Thanks, guys! Frank
  11. Does anyone have experience with a 3-monitor setup, using the Matrox box but with monitors of different ratios?I have two older analog flat-screens, 4:3, and a new LCD 16:9. I plan to use the widescreen in the center, and the twoolder monitors on the sides (for L and R side-window views, mostly). According to the Matrox manual, as long as all 3 monitors support the same resolution (3840 × 1024; 3072 × 768;2400 × 600; or 1920 × 480), you're OK. But since only 1 of those four resolutions can be sent to all 3 monitors, I wonder if the result is satisfactory (i.e., the entire screen used on all 3, without wierd stretching, etc.) Anyone have experience with this kind of setup?Thanks!
  12. The ATC function of my FS9 has just thrown a couple of new problem at me.1) Endless loop. I am on an instrument approach to a field in IMC, when an ai aircraft operating VFR calls the tower. He gets the standard "airport under IFR - request denied" response....but a few seconds later he calls again. And again. And again. I'll have to say, the controller is remarkably patient, giving the same "request denied" response over and over, too. (I almost expect him to say, "request denied, you deaf idiot!", after the fourth or fifth time!2) Leapfrog on finalWhile a few miles out on an ILS final, with landing clearance in an 80knt approach speed aircraft, an ai jet calls the tower and reports 7 or 8 miles out. The tower clears him, #2, and I get nervous. This guy will surely overtake me, but instead of him getting a "go around", he suddenly whizzes by about 100 feet above me and proceeds to land! In real life, he would have his ticket suspended, but I'm going to be merciful; I'd just like to have no repeats.Anyone know the cause(s) of these? Better yet, the fixes?Thanks guys!
  13. Thanks Mel....that did it!
  14. In my Aero Commander 500 (by Martin Shupe - ac500vc1), there apparently is no gear warning horn in the model. The settings in aircraft.cfg/gear_warning_system are correct (and I've tried tweaking them with other settings, too), but the warning never activates. Is there a way to add this feature, other than modifying the model?Many thanks!