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  1. Amadeo

    could not load system data.SQ lite.dll

    Hi Oliver, when i open the two VC Redist they show 2017 and running the set up shows two options :repair or unistall...because they are already installed. I downloaded the 2012 Redistributables from Microsoft. Installed..and now I save my position in WAMA and NO error message ! I will continue to explore... Thank you for your time and patience, they are very much appreciated Regards Walter
  2. Amadeo

    could not load system data.SQ lite.dll

    Thank you Oliver for your prom response,since then I did the following: Unistalled WAMA,reboot,disabled BitDefender and stop File Protection; installed again WAMA no changing installation directory, now In C:\user\|walter\documents\Prepar3Dv4Add-ons\Lorby-ISWhereAreMyAircrafts_P3d_v4...I have: Default ->WAMA_Database.sqlite DOC ->Pdf LockheedMartin.Prepard3D.Simconnect.dll LorbyLivetraffic\UCAO_DB.XML System.DATA.SQLite.dll System.DATA.SQLite.dll.config Unistall.WhereAreMyAircrafts.exe WhereAreMyAircrafts_P3D_V4.exe After reboot loaded the Sim and start WAMA,pressing Connect . SIM shows WAMA in Add-ons Menu, it shows all the airplane in the database..but pressing " save my position" brings up an unhandled exeception error message. I have Virtual c++ Redistributables 2005,2008,2010,2013,2017 (x86 and x64) installed. From Log:'871 : Database file error: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Data.SQLite.dll' or one of its dependecies. The specified module could not be found." Sorry to bring all this trouble 76 yo brain cells tell me "no time, forget and go fliyng " but I know that I will love this program. Regards from Tassie Walter
  3. Hi, I had downloaded 3 times from SimMarket and installed equal times; start sim ,follow directions of wait till everything is loaded and then press connect....the message " unhandled exception has occurred in your application. could no load file or assembly "System data SQlite.dll or one of its dependencies, the specified module could no be found". BitDefender has exemptions for the .exe in antivirous and firewall, all 4 Simconnect are installed , .NET 4.7.2 is installed. Destination of installation has bee changed to " G:\Lorby-SIWhereAreMyAircrafts_P3D_V4, (I used 44 installer) Meanwhile Connect button continues grey, all my planes and objects are showing on right panel, if a press YES for quiting nothing happens but if following by pressing NO ...the program close (?). Please Help ....Best wishes for New Year! Walter
  4. Amadeo

    Error installing patches

    Hi Jim Thank you for your advice, what I ment to say is that with 2 patches added on top, Default Terrain becames No 158 Thanks again Daniel I did what you sugested,copy all files inside FreemeshX-Patces-Scenery...No error message!! everything is OK. I appreciate your I am going to enjoy your Hard work. Walter :blink:
  5. I had installed Australia and Europe so far,and downloaded Patches 1,2,3; My SSD shows: "FreeMeshx - 1.01 Patch" " " - 1.02 " " " " _ 1.03 " " " " Australia" " " Europe " ": Program Files (86) (P3D v2.5 inside) "System volume information" Opening each FreeMesh folders show=>"FreemeshX=> Patches => Scenery => Files... Going to P3D scenery Library =>Add =>" H:\ FreeMeshX - 1.01 Patch" Shows; Patches Folder in Library with priority 1. Rebuilding Data Base...... Again P3D scenery Library => add => "H:\....1.02 Patch" =>FreeMeshX-Patches Folder =>ok Error; "a scenery item already exist with this title" Cancel Add ->" H:\....1.02 Patch =>FreeMeshX-Patches =>Scenery => ok In Library shows: Scenery................................Priority 1 FreemeshX - Patches..........Priority 2. Cancel Add=>'H:\FreeMeshX - 1.02 patch => ok Library shows : FreemeshX - 1.02 patch..........Priority 1 FreeMeshX - Patches..............Priority 2 Rebuilding Data base => " Scenery.cfg file error " Local scenery Directory(H:\FremeshX - 102 Patch|scenery) in scenery area 158 not found ,click ok to continue." => ok same notification when i start P3D...if i continue to add patch 3 i will get similar error but in area 159. I have FTX Global. Vector, LCEurope and Australia. The last 3 entries in the library are ORBX Vector...156 Default scenery...157 Default terrain.....158 (With only Patch 1 and 2 added).All three Grayed What do i have to do to install patches 2.3.4 inside patches folder? I am looking forward to flying with this wonderfull present that you two gave us (I have Pilot mesh but it is shelved!! I apologize for my English Thank you Walter
  6. Amadeo

    Rain shader grayed out

    Hi Paul I had also Rain shader grayed, and after following your instructions to Bread and after twice installing, now I have General,water,rain and cloud shaders grayed; only my legacy is checked. In FSX Shaders HLSL folder is inside Stock_ShadersHLSL folder...if that is important. What do I do wrong?. Any help will be appreciated.