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  1. On Friday afternoon I opened the Ops Center and was notified that an update was available so I went ahead and updated it. After the update was completed I attempted to restart it and nothing was coming up on the desktop. After a couple more minutes of waiting I went into Task Manager and saw that the process was running but I had no UI, so I attempted to stop it from Task Manager. When that didn't work I opened the command prompt and tried a taskkill command, twice. My PC would not respond to a soft reboot after attempting the reboot three times. I ended up having to do a hardware shutdown which definitely is not the proper way to shut down a PC. When I powered up the computer afterward my Norton Security software detected a virus in the .exe file associated with OC. I had to go into Norton and manually restore it from quarantine and white list it. I had to do that twice before being able to finally get into OC. I sure hope that future OC updates won't casue the same headaches as this one did. I am running Windows 10 Home Edition, by the way.
  2. Fritz1965

    No V speeds

    Yes, I figured it out and have completed a successful flight.
  3. Fritz1965

    No V speeds

    That's correct- I wasn't doing it the easy way (simply entering ZFW).
  4. Fritz1965

    No V speeds

    I fell into the weight distribution trap that others have been talking about for quite a while. Instead of trying to set up the PAX and cargo weights manually in the FS setup screen, I simply entered the Zero Fuel Weight from PFPX and allowed it to auto-populate the other data fields. It's been a long time since "flying" the 777 due to all the fun I've been having with the NGX.
  5. Fritz1965

    No V speeds

    I have spent hours trying to set up my FMC for a KJFK to EGLL flight. I used the max number of passengers, no additional cargo. PFPX was used for flight planning. The calculated CG% for takeoff was 27.1%. The FMC gives me an error that it's invalid. I have tried everything I can to get my V speeds but regardless of setting departure runway, wind speed and velocity, flap setting according to TOPCAT, but I cannot get V speeds.
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