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  1. It is just a matter of smoothness in the sim. For instance, I use FSXWX which I found the least source intensive, but still there is some stutters. What is strange, if I set similar weather through the sim customs theme, it is perfectly fluid experience, completely stutter free. I am just thinking, if it is possible to set custom weather theme in the sim, manually, it must be some way to import the file with specific weather or to save it at some location to be imported in the sim.
  2. Hi, I have been trying to find a solution to create the weather by importing weather file directly to P3D. I would like to avoid using any real weather engine and to run any other application while running P3D. At first place, I am not sure if weather can be set in P3D by importing weather file. The second, I am not sure if I can convert file made by some weather application to be readable by P3D? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I know that native is the best solution, but I plan to go for 28 inch max, I think 1080p would be acceptable. 4k is twice as 1080p so maybe pixels would be scaled better than 1440p on 4k monitor. Just assumption :)
  4. So it means that if I set resolution down to 1080p, I would still be able to set 30hz without any problem?
  5. Ok, but what about setting 4k monitor to 1080p resolution. Would I be able still to force it to work at 30hz with 1080p? I simply like P3D with all the sliders almost to the right :) It works perfect with 1080p, even with 8x AASS. I just don't want to sacrifice my settings just to play it at 4k?
  6. Unfortunately doesn't give a good result with P3D. It seems that only 30hz monitor is the wining combination :(
  7. I would be very happy if P3D worked in full screen and supported 1/2 vsycn, it would be as fluid as FSX, but it doesn't work. But I am still not sure about gsync monitor and fixed 30hz. Is this only matter of suitable cable. If I go for HDMI would I be able to force it to work constantly at 30hz without any problems with the picture? Is there anyone who could try this and report back. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have been searching for the answer for very long but still unsuccessfully :( I am trying to buy a new, 24 inch, 1080p monitor but only with the option to set it manually to work at 30hz. I have been siming since FS9 and 30hz freq. is the most remarkable setting so far in terms of smoothness. I had never believed that any real flight simulation (FSX, P3D) would be so smooth until I discovered this monitor setting in P3D. Problem is that my current 24 inch monitor doesn't support this frequency, so I had to switch to an old 19 inch monitor that I managed to set to work at 30hz. All the models of 1080p monitors I checked so far doesn't have 30hz frequency supported officially, based on specification I checked. As far as I know, all gsync monitors can work in range of 30hz to 144hz. That is why I assume that it is possible to disable gsync in NCP, set customs 1920x1080 resolution and set fixed frequency at 30hz. I would really appreciate if any of the forum members could try this and confirm if it works, my choice would be much easier :) Thanks.
  9. 1/2 refresh sync in global NCP profile? Ad far as I know it doesn't have any impact on p3d since it doesn't work in full screen mode.
  10. Thanks all for your input. Does anyone try to limit fps to 30 fps over let's say NI and set adaptive half refresh rate in NCP global profile and play on 60hz monitor. Can this solution provide smooth experience as 30hz monitor? Also, can anyone recomend 1080p or 1440p monitor with 30 hz capability?
  11. That is great, I didn't know that. Thanks, I will try.
  12. Wow, I didn't know 4k affects performance that much. This is not an option then. I don't want to trade my current performance. Since you mentioned gsync I would like to ask you is it possible to turn off gsync for P3D and set frequency manually to 30 hz in NCP? I am asking because, based on my research, it seems that gsync doesn't prevent stuters at low fps effectively as setting manualy freq to 30hz and turn on vsync in p3d, with fps set to unlimited. I have been thinking about asus pg248q, spec says that it operates in range of 30 to 144 hz, but I am not sure does that mean it could be fix to 30 hz only with gsync off.
  13. Hi, I am thinking of upgrading my monitor. Plan is to go for 4K. Now, I am using an old 1280 x 1024, 19 inch monitor with a great fps results. I have never had such a smooth experience in any flight sim, from FS9 up to now P3DV4. The trick is that my monitor is set to 50hz (lower is not possible) :( and my hardware is almost capable to keep that fps in most of conditions. In some cases it goes below 45 fps and I can observe some small stutters but not a big deal. My plan is to go for bigger screen, probably 28 inch from 19 right now. Initially my plan was to go for 1440p monitor but it seems it is not possible to find a one with the possibility to run at 30hz. As far as I know, only 4k monitors has this possibility, without facing some graphical artifacts. My main concern is if my hardware would be able to deal with 4K resolution steady with 30 fps in all possible conditions. My sliders are set pretty high with 8SS AA now. I know that there is no need for this high AA settings with higher resolution, but my plan is not to go for 4K if I will not be able to have steady 30 fps with high visual quality. I would definitely go for 1440p or even 1080p monitor capable to run at 30hz, but I think find the one is almost impossible.
  14. In fact, it was also working for me, but only if I use non Aero theme. If I switch to Aero, 1/2 doesn't have any impact on fps. It is very bad because it is not possible to have a fluid experience as in FSX :(
  15. Hi, although I managed to solved screen tearing in P3D, setting FPS to unlimited (it was not the way I was hoping to solve the problem), I am facing it in all other aspect of my daily computing. Here is the video I made to try to describe the problem better, hope that someone could have idea: Just to mentioned that I have tried all the setups with vsync, simply doesn't help. Thanks.
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