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  1. lowrunner

    simconnect and wideview

    ok i was wrong on my last posting. i finaly figured it out.i always feel like i always want answers but never have answers to contribute. i feel pretty good now cause i now have a answer to the problem of no "wideview or widetraffic"showing up under the dropdown menue in fsx.client computers after trying to configure activesky 2012 on a seperate computer not running fsx.(networking).heres what i have and did: 3-computers running fsx deluxe and wideview & widetraffic (1comp "main"= front view / 1 comp= l.f. view / 1comp.=r.f. view) 1-computer (no fsx) activesky 2012,PAX SDK sp2 update on all as described in documents for setting up a program running on a networked computer, the only computer that gets the "simconnect cfg."file that goes in your "my Documents"folder is the computer thats going to be running the program seperatly from the fsx comps. as with my setup, only the 1-computer gets the cfg. file the 3-comps.running fsx just get the "simconnect XML" file that goes into your fsx appdata folder "NOTE" ANY CFG FILE IN ANY ONE OF THE OTHER COPUTERS "my documents folder" WILL NOT ALLOW YOUR WIDEVIEW OR WIDETRAFFIC TO SHOW UP UNDER THE DROPDOWN MENUE in your clients machines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although i found that i had duplicate wideview/widetraffic in my server machine dropdown menue in which the duplicates were showing clients in them so i could actually ajust my clients configuration from my server machine be sure to add your comp.name (my preferance)where the address goes in the XML file for the computer your in and port#,protocol "IP4", local or global. now you need to enter same exact info in your simconnect CFG file thats in the one comp. "mydocuments" folder. be sure to add info for each additional computer that contains a xml file on the next simconnect paragraph.same as you did above except you should have a different computer name that reflects your other computer that you want your program to talk to so as with my setup for "Activesky2012" and "PAX" in my cfg file i have 4 simconnect paragraphs filled out all with same info except each one of those has a different comp.name each one matching the comp. name for each seperate computer. only the 4th paragraph for "PAX"had to contain a different port# which was specified by the program i hope this helps people like me that cant seem to pick it up as fast as others and need very basic info. i hope i made it easy to understand anyone feel free to add to or correct anything i might have missed,or to juat simplify it even more thanks for everyone that tries to help.
  2. lowrunner

    simconnect and wideview

    im soooo sorry, im stupid !!!! i started thinking about how my weather worked in wideview and realized my wideview server distributes the weather to its wideview clients so that means i just needed to network my ase2012 to my main fsx(server) machine and and my main fsx machine(server) will do the rest all is ok now
  3. lowrunner

    simconnect and wideview

    i wouldnt think this would be a hi-fi issue cinse the weather is working but more of a wideview issue,since the wideview in addon isnt showing up,just fuicp4. ive left a post overthere (wideview) but i dont usually get responses for days to weeks later if at all, usually. over here i get some kind of response fast. this is a great site thank you
  4. sorry if this is not in the right place but heres the problem im having: im trying to run ase 2012 on seperate computer from fsx it worked but now my wideview doesnt show up under the dropdown menue, ok whats making it not show up is the "simconnect cfg."file that was placed in "MyDocuments" Folder. that cfg file is needed for my activesky 2012 that is being run on a seperate computer than my main fsx computer. in the hi-fi documents it instructs to do that so my weather will be sent to all clients in which both clients recognises server by running the ai airplane test in sdk and it did recognised ai planes on server,but now my wideview and widetraffic wont show up in dropdown menue. once i take that file out of the documents folder it shows up fine.i have simconnect.dll xxxx905 in wideview folder.so i put my same info into a xxxxxx905 simconnect cfg. file and placed it into mydocuments folder, same thing happens no wideview in dropdown.once file removed from mydocuments folder wideview shows up. how can i fix this issue,cause i really want my weather on a seperate computer. thank you
  5. i was reading the FSUIPC quick start tutorial and it says it recomends finding "Mega-Ultimate FS-Inn Installation Tutorial for VATSIM" tutorial, and that to look on this site. i cant seem to find it. any ideas.thank you