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  1. Thanks for your reply..! Yes I did and the APU is running, but within 5 minutes the APU is shutting down itself...!
  2. Hi, Is there anybody in this Forum who can assist me in solving a problem with APU? When I startup a Cold & Dark situation and turn on the battery and then the APU, within 5 minutes the APU is shutting down by itself... Thanks in advance for your help. Best Regards, Harry
  3. Hi All, Today I have made an update of PRO-ATC/X. After updated "Read Scenery" I would like to update AIRAC 1803 Version 1 to 1808 version 1, however I got the message: "Error Clearing Database: Error on TdbModule.ExecuteSgl: Dynamic SQL error SQL error code = -607. Invalid command View VFLIGHTPLAN does not exist[DROP VIEW VFLIGHTPLAN] I there anybody who would help me with this issue? Thanks in advance, Harry
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