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  1. Thanks for your reply..! Yes I did and the APU is running, but within 5 minutes the APU is shutting down itself...!
  2. Hi, Is there anybody in this Forum who can assist me in solving a problem with APU? When I startup a Cold & Dark situation and turn on the battery and then the APU, within 5 minutes the APU is shutting down by itself... Thanks in advance for your help. Best Regards, Harry
  3. Hi All, Today I have made an update of PRO-ATC/X. After updated "Read Scenery" I would like to update AIRAC 1803 Version 1 to 1808 version 1, however I got the message: "Error Clearing Database: Error on TdbModule.ExecuteSgl: Dynamic SQL error SQL error code = -607. Invalid command View VFLIGHTPLAN does not exist[DROP VIEW VFLIGHTPLAN] I there anybody who would help me with this issue? Thanks in advance, Harry
  4. Gentlemen, The problem has been solved...! I have noticed that the USB device has to be connected directly to the PC and not via an HUB. I want to thank everybody for your help! Best Regards, Harry
  5. Hi, After flying for aprox. 10 minutes in FSX, Track IR 5 freezes and lost the Simconnection. However the 2 green lights are still on. Only with a hard reset of Track IR 5 and FSX is still working, I can continue with flying. Is there anybody who can assist me with this issue? Thanks in advance! Best Regards, Harry
  6. Hi Kyle, Thanks for your quick reply! Set and done! Regards, Harry
  7. Hi, Is there a possibility to change the intitial settings of the cargo doors? I would like to start in a cold & dark situation with the cargo doors closed. Thanks in advance for your help. Best Regards, Harry
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