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  1. Hi Adaniel, Thank you for your response. I am not sure what to do when you talk about xml files and wouldn't know where to start. I am glad in the nicest possible way that its not just me who has experienced this issue. Many thanks Simon
  2. Hi Jim, Thanks once again for your response. I have been using the hat switch for months to change my head views around the flight deck and have never had issues. It was easy to set up in chase plane and I followed a tutorial when I originally set everything up. It’s only been this last week that every time I touch the hat switch, the throttle goes to about 50% thrust. I’ve looked at my settings in all applicable applications and can’t see why this is happening all of a sudden. kind Regards Simon
  3. I started a chat on a forum and it’s completely disappeared.... hmmm did I do something wrong? 🤷🏻

  4. Thank you guys for responding. I’ve got all controllers disabled in P3D, double checked all my chase plane settings and can’t find any duplicate entries... grrr. I’ve spent hours trying to find the issue.
  5. Good evening all, I need some help. I haven't changed any settings since my last flight but now when I move my hat switch to pan my views “X56” on the flightdeck my throttle now moves to about 50% thrust, I've been on FSUIPC and my throttle and pan views show all correct. This is happening in all of my aircraft. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks..
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