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  1. do you mean that you assign buttons on your Joystick for left, right and centre movements of the rudder? My josytick is Hotas Warthog, Use the left and right axis for the ailerons , therefore would have to assign buttons or hatswitch for the rudder Clive Alexander
  2. Thank you for your helpful reply I have try to resolve problems by re-calibrating but when operating the rudder pedals the rudder appeared to have a mind of its own and was not stable at all. After editing and clearing any corruption in the registry file the operation of the rudder pedals was better, I will have to do a few more tests to be satisfied, maybe calibarating the null zones more precise will improve operation. i will have to seek a tutorial on how to calibrate the rudder pedals within FSUIPC as I am getting confused with setting the centre position and null zones. I am probaly making a simple task more difficult than need be. I have linked into the Saitek site which has a support forum and also some very useful information which I am reading. Clive Alexander
  3. Hopefully I have resolved the problems I was having with my "Saitek Cessna Pro Rudder Pedals" I edited my registry file, clearing any conflicts with previous setups and also deleted my P3D config file. Working better at the moment but have to do more tests to be satisfied as I think that the rudder pedals I have could be better
  4. When I setup my rudder pedals within FSUIPC. I assign the left and right rudder movemnt to the rudder command, however I am having difficulty centering the rudder. The rudder althjough moving appears to moving at its own command and when I release the pedals the pedal levers are not even. I have mislaid the CD containing the drivers and calibration for the Saitek Cessna Rudder, is this what I require?
  5. Thanks for your reply. Would setting rudder pedals be best using FSUIPC or the internal setting within P3D?. Of course. if set up in FSUIPC I would have to delete the ruddet setup inside P3D cobtrol settings
  6. Hello When I steer the 737 should I use my rudder pedals to turn the aircraft on the ground or do I have to set up nose wheel steering using a Tiller setting within FSUIPC Clive Alexander
  7. Thankyou....No the aircraft was not highlighted...silly mistake
  8. Using LINDA I am having problems with my Hotas Joystick and throttle recognising the switches as I push them on the respective controllers The configuration checklist is reporting OK for all devices and FSUIPC 5.100 I have my aircraft selected and Synced What have I missed or what has gone wrong, any ideas?? P3dv4.1 Clive Alexander
  9. Thank you for the replies As I have the Hotas Warthog throttle and joystick I have also started to have a look at software named LINDA to assign my settings. Although LINDA requires FSUIPC from what I have read LINDA provides more in depth control Clive Alexander
  10. Hello I wish to confirm, is it a requirement for PMDG aircraft to have the controllers enabled in SETTINGS-CONTROLS when setting the throttle axis or can I set the throttle axis from within FSUIPC? Clive Alexander
  11. Thank you for your observations....I did wonder about RAPPORT I will do further reading Clive Alexander
  12. Thank you for your reply. I have resolved the problem I am using Malwarebytes and Windows 10 Defender, In the past few days I had also installed RAPPORT which is an advanced protection for online banking. Wondering if this had any impact on my system I decided to delete and re-install Malwarebytes, Defender and RAPPORT individually in an attempt to see if I could locate which of the programs (if any) was causing the problem. I was unable to locate which program was causing the problem but after re-install of Malwarebytes, Defender and RAPPORT the problem was resolved. I also took the opportunity to add exclusions within Malwarebytes
  13. Hello I have been using PMDG aircraft (737, 747) for several months with my current version of P3D4.1. Today, I started to load the 737 and it requested the activation code. I entered the code but it was not accepted. I also have the same problem if i try to load the 747 aircraft. Order Numbers 386805 &386804 Advice required please Clive Alexander
  14. Hello I am trying to assign commands using Linda for use with my Hotas Warthog throttle with my PMDG737NGX aircraft P3D V4.1 The command I am having problems assigning is the command for REVERSE THRUST. I cannot locate the command inside the PMDG 737NGX module functions. Can anyone assist or advise I am sure I had assigned this command using FSUIPC using the thrust lever (pull up and back) as a switch command to assign the Thrust Reversers but somehow I have lost the command and I am struggling to remember how I had completed the processs. Clive Alexander
  15. Thank you for your prompt response Am I correct in saying that I can select the first officer to handle all verbal coomunications? I have a slight speech impediment and the software may get very confused if my speech is not precise