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  1. I have just watched the video titled UPDATE P3D IN 5 EASY STEPS, by Adam J Pestridge (previously titled UPDATE P3D v5.2 IN 5 EASY STEPS) which contains the P3D logo and therefore gives the impression that it is endorsed by LM I have never experienced "5 Easy Steps" become so confusing, and contradictory. From what I know of this guy's system the process which he goes through is only meant for his glitchy system but he has convinced himself that this is the correct way to do it. The way in which he speaks gives a very good impression that he knows what he is talking about, however, what he does say is confusing, condescending, and contradictory For any new use to P3D I would advise not to follow the advice given by Adam J Pestridge but to read the LM documentation as LM have made the process so easy and straightforward, I have always followed the LM documentation and have never had a problem. Clive Alexander
  2. The reference to V5.2 within the title of the video has now been deleted The title now reads " UPDATE P3D IN 5 EASY STEPS" I was under the impression that LM had made the P3D update process as easy as possible. The P3D logo gives the impression that this video is endorsed by LM Clive Alexander
  3. Regarding the forthcoming Youtube video, I have read the following statement in which he explains why he has made such a video "I’ve never covered the topic of upgrading to the next version so I decided to make one.. as 5.2 is the next version coming in the future, I was thinking this will make it relevant to those in the future when the time comes" His "Delusions of Grandeur" must be accompanied by a crystal ball as such forward, in-depth thinking and in "5 easy steps" to boot, I hope that LM do not change their installation procedure, or else his foresight will all be for nothing What does concern me is that the Youtube video contains the logo of P3D, therefore, new users or users that do not know any better will think that the content of the video is endorsed by LM. As all users are aware LM has made the installation or upgrade procedure for P3D as easy as possible as long as users take the time to read the installation documentation. In my opinion, if any user has difficulty installing or upgrading P3D because they have not read the documentation or do not understand it they should consider if they are capable of using P3D The dislikes count on the video page ( even before it is released) has had to be cleared twice as the amount of dislikes continue to rise, comments have also been removed. Such is the price of fame. I have just observed the P3D logo on his video graphics has been altered the V5.2 has been removed, interesting!!
  4. Please keep in mind that any videos regarding settings in P3D are only a guide and may not work on individual systems as every system is unique, therefore, you have to adjust the settings to suit your system. Adam J Pestridge does make this clear in his youtube videos
  5. Correct but be prepared that if anyone complains that his advice has made their system worse he will say that the person has not followed his advice correctly. In some instances this maybe correct but in other instances his advice is wrong or self opinionated, which includes accusing developers of not knowing what they are doing with their own software Example DXGI ERROR SOLVED (100% GUARANTEED) False and Misleading
  6. He only rants and raves when other users try to assist or advise him as he always knows better, it is the other users that are wrong or the software is not working correctly "A bad workman always blames his tools"
  7. Hello For any users considering "Rolling Back" Nvidea drivers, please read the documentation as Nvidea advises against this process "To reinstall a previous or older NVIDIA graphics driver, do not use the Windows rollback feature. This method will not reliably restore all the previous driver files. Instead, use the Windows Add and Remove programs to remove the current driver, and then install the older driver using setup.exe" Clive alexander
  8. http://www.fsxforum.de/viewtopic.php?f=51&p=203113 I have clicked on this link but unable to locate any links to access the files for download, please advise Clive Alexander
  9. Hi Where can I accees the files to d/load the Africa Scenery files Clive Alexander
  10. Good News. I have it working..what did I do different? I re-installed FSUIPC (selecting V4 & V5 shared installation). I deselected the XML method. (FSUIPC installation is inside P3D v4 Modules folder) I then re-installed the aircraft module using the Import option with LINDA maintenance. Trying to understand what I have done I think I have resolved the problem by installing as a dual installation instead of two seperate installations in which P3D v5 uses and XML method....I think..ha..ha Clive
  11. Hi FSUIPC6 (latest 6.0.10) and LINDA 3.2.5 installed in /documents/prepa3d v5 add-ons/fsuipc6 When I call up the main LINDA panel "Everthing is OK" in all areas The aircraft module is selected and synced to the sim The problem I have I am unable to get any switches on my Hotas Warthog throttle unit to operate when I assign them to the specific commands (eg NGX YawDamper) Please will you advise and assist further..thanks Clive I am sending the following files to the email address Linda @ awginfosys.net Fsuipc6 Linda2 Config-hid
  12. Hello I am attempting to install LINDA for use with P3Dv5 with the NGXu aircraft. Is there any specific module for the NGXu in V5 or is v1.4 current? Presently, I have P3D v4 and v5 installed, I am able to use the modules in V4 but not V5 I have the current version of LINDA and FSUIPC installed and when LINDA starts all checks out OK
  13. Hello At the moment I use ActiveSky. I have become aware of FSGRW and received very good comments and reviews about he software. I am now interested in purchasing FSGRW. I have P3Dv4.5 and V5 installed and wish to use FSGRW in both versions. In order to purchase FSGRW for both versions would I be correct to purchase FSGRW for P3Dv4.5 direct from the PILOTS website and then upgrade within my account for use with P3Dv5 rather than purchase via Simmarket.? Clive Alexander
  14. Hello I have the PMDG 737NG and NGXu. I have FS2crew for the NGX, will I require the NGXu version for the 737NGXu and if so will I be entitled to any discount? Clive Alexander
  15. Hello You have to see it to believe it. I have watched a live stream on YOUTUBE by Adam J Pestridge who claims that he has found a "secret glitch" within P3D v5. What he did on live stream was to exchange the P3D.CFG files between V4 and V5. The "Secret Glitch" was that it doubled the FPS from 30 to 60 and he even commented "I wonder if Lockheed Martin are aware of this" Such actions should not be allowed on live stream Clive Alexander
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