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  1. clive6354

    FPS in V4.5 (waiting for a fix)

    What is worrying about the current situation with FPS and screen freeze in V4.5 is that It does not affect every user. If the problem affected every user it would be a straight forward fix. So many variables Clive Alexander
  2. Whilst many users wait for a fix to be issued in relation to low FPS in V4.5 do they return to using V4.4. I had changed to V4.5 mainly to take advantage of the new night lighting, especially when used with words not allowed software but not possible at the moment Clive Alexander
  3. clive6354

    P3D V4.5 Screen freeze

    Do users affected by this problem return to using V4.4 or is a fix to be issued very soon
  4. clive6354

    P3D V4.5 Screen freeze

    Thank you for the information I will keep this in mind, most helpful Clive
  5. clive6354

    P3D V4.5 Screen freeze

    On doing further tests I have to apologise for saying that the problem was with UK2000 scenery. I decided to deselect every scenery title within the scenery library and then add them one by one (deleting shader folder and CFG file everytime) in an attempt to find which scenery was causing the problem. After I had added all the scenery files in turn I was not able to isolate any specific scenery area and now I do not receive a screen freeze when rotate from UK2000 (Birmingham). Can anyone explain why? Clive
  6. clive6354

    P3D V4.5 Screen freeze

    Carrying out further tests on Screen Freeze problems I have narrowed the problem down to UK2000 airport (Birmingham) I have posted a message on the UK2000 form for further advice
  7. clive6354

    P3D V4.5 Screen freeze

    when running P3D I have everything not required turned off. Identical to V4.4
  8. clive6354

    P3D V4.5 Screen freeze

    As yet, I have not tried to disable ORB as I have reverted back to v4.4. If I find that the problem is resolved when removing ORBX does that mean that the problem is with ORBX or LM. Why is it that other users using ORBX have reported no problems? I have verified all ORBX files. The aircraft I use for testing is the PMDG737 which is up to date. I assumed that V4.5 was an advancement and did not expect to have to start and test every scenery one by one, this will take hours to complete and possible without any results. I have picked up on other posts on the P3D support site saying that the problem of freezing is reported at UK2000 airports. My airport was Birmingham (UK2000) I have posted a message on the UK2000 forum asking if they are aware of any problems with their scenery
  9. clive6354

    P3D V4.5 Screen freeze

    Hello I have upgraded from V4.4 to 4.5, V4.4 was good. When I use V4.5 and start takeoff roll, as I leave the ground (rotate) I experience a 4 second screen freeze. Any ideas what may be causing this issue? V4.4 worked great. I have deleted the shaders folder and CFG file. I use ORBX Global and Europe LC Clive Alexander
  10. clive6354


    Thank you for your reply. After a quick scan of the manual I came to the conclusion that it would not be possible. Your reply has confirmed this and saved me further time searching for a solution
  11. hello If I was to export presets camera positions to another aircraft how or is it possible to export the assignments (keys or joystick buttons) that I have used with the presets? Clive Alexander
  12. clive6354


    I am scouring that now..ha..ha
  13. clive6354


    That has me puzzled.......I was 99.9% positive that I had removed the fingerprints from this aircraft panel before by using the setup options inside the FMC panel
  14. clive6354


    Hi Am I correct in thinking that there used to be an option with the B737NGX to remove the realistic fingerprint and dust markings from the EFIS panel so that the panel would look brand new and not used? I have been looking in the FMS setup section but no success Clive Alexander P.S has the option being removed with recent updates??
  15. Hello If I select my preset views using the windows interface, P3D window mode is unselected, even with " Pause on Task Switch" unchecked. I have to select the P3D window again after changing views. How can I resolve this...what have I missed. I have browsed the manual without success Clive Alexander