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  1. Good News. I have it working..what did I do different? I re-installed FSUIPC (selecting V4 & V5 shared installation). I deselected the XML method. (FSUIPC installation is inside P3D v4 Modules folder) I then re-installed the aircraft module using the Import option with LINDA maintenance. Trying to understand what I have done I think I have resolved the problem by installing as a dual installation instead of two seperate installations in which P3D v5 uses and XML method....I think..ha..ha Clive
  2. Hi FSUIPC6 (latest 6.0.10) and LINDA 3.2.5 installed in /documents/prepa3d v5 add-ons/fsuipc6 When I call up the main LINDA panel "Everthing is OK" in all areas The aircraft module is selected and synced to the sim The problem I have I am unable to get any switches on my Hotas Warthog throttle unit to operate when I assign them to the specific commands (eg NGX YawDamper) Please will you advise and assist further..thanks Clive I am sending the following files to the email address Linda @ awginfosys.net Fsuipc6 Linda2 Config-hid
  3. Hello I am attempting to install LINDA for use with P3Dv5 with the NGXu aircraft. Is there any specific module for the NGXu in V5 or is v1.4 current? Presently, I have P3D v4 and v5 installed, I am able to use the modules in V4 but not V5 I have the current version of LINDA and FSUIPC installed and when LINDA starts all checks out OK
  4. Hello At the moment I use ActiveSky. I have become aware of FSGRW and received very good comments and reviews about he software. I am now interested in purchasing FSGRW. I have P3Dv4.5 and V5 installed and wish to use FSGRW in both versions. In order to purchase FSGRW for both versions would I be correct to purchase FSGRW for P3Dv4.5 direct from the PILOTS website and then upgrade within my account for use with P3Dv5 rather than purchase via Simmarket.? Clive Alexander
  5. Hello I have the PMDG 737NG and NGXu. I have FS2crew for the NGX, will I require the NGXu version for the 737NGXu and if so will I be entitled to any discount? Clive Alexander
  6. Hello You have to see it to believe it. I have watched a live stream on YOUTUBE by Adam J Pestridge who claims that he has found a "secret glitch" within P3D v5. What he did on live stream was to exchange the P3D.CFG files between V4 and V5. The "Secret Glitch" was that it doubled the FPS from 30 to 60 and he even commented "I wonder if Lockheed Martin are aware of this" Such actions should not be allowed on live stream Clive Alexander
  7. Hello Please would someone inform me if TrueSky in P3D v5 has a intregrated weather engine to generate live weather whilst flying? Clive Alexander
  8. Therefore if Rex Simulations amend Skyforce for V5 I can turn of Truesky and use Skyforce Clive
  9. Thanks may I enquire further: If Enhanced Atmospherics is unchecked, does that turn off Truesky, leaving default sky or is Enhanced Atmospherics only a setting for Enhanced TrueSky? Clive Alexander
  10. Hi Is TrueSky the default weather software on V5 or can it be turned of to have default clouds? Clive Alexander
  11. I am trying to locate the system requirements for V5 on the P3D site but only system requirements for V3 & 4 are listed Clive Alexander
  12. I was hoping that that P3D v5, would put the cat amongst the pigeons in relation to MSFS2020 but on initial look at the article and changelog for P3D v5 the pigeons will not be to worried. The promotional video very poor, can you really class that as a promotional video? The main updates are the introduction of DirectX 12, realistic sky using "Truesky" and updated global terrain. The changelog is comprehensive which includes welcome features but not awe-inspiring. With the introduction of "Truesky" and updated global terrain would this compliment existing products such as ActiveSky, SkyForce and Orbx Global or would these products not be required?. In my opinion, despite the introduction of DirectX 12, P3D v5 will appeal more to new users as it will look much better straight out of the box without having to buy and install addons. I was hoping that P3D v5 would sway my mind not to consider MSFS2020 but at the moment I think I will stay with P3D v4.5 and wait for the release of MSFS2020. I am dissapointed Clive Alexander
  13. Thanks for your assistance, all worked good Clive
  14. Searching again. I do have: Config-mcp Config-mcp2 Config-mcp2a
  15. OK thanks......I do not have a config-mcpX.lua file , therefore I can only copy and paste the the config-hid.lua file. As a matter of interest what does the config-mcpX.lua file relate too?
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