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  1. clive6354

    Access to Cart

    Hello I wish to purchase the 747-8. It is taking a long time to access the cart. Is it safe to proceed or wait until the servers are not so in demand?? Clive Alexander
  2. clive6354

    Lost Files

    Hello I had big problems with my system as a result I have to re-install LINDA. I had mapped and assigned the switches on my Hotass Warthog throttle to my PMDG 737NGX. Which are the files that I need to recover that store the settings? Clive Alexander
  3. clive6354

    FSLABS A320 settings

    Thankyou for your reply which is as expected. I was not sure if i had missed anything
  4. clive6354

    FSLABS A320 settings

    Hello, I have my Hotas Warthog throttle switches assigned to PMDG 737NGX. I wish to export these setting to the FSLABS A320X. I have selected the FSLABS A32X module and copy from existing aircraft, then create. No settings have appeared in the listing when I select the A320X. Please can you advise Clive Alexander
  5. clive6354

    GTX 1080 to 1080ti upgrade

    I only use comments made on this forum and other forums as a guide as there are many amateur proffessionals but at thesame time I value and respect comments Clive
  6. clive6354

    GTX 1080 to 1080ti upgrade

    Thank you all for your comments. I was excited to find that I could obtain a new GX 1080ti for approx £500 but all your comments have saved me money and disapointment, thank you. What if I sell my existing system and purchase a new system (i7-8700 with an GTX 1080ti) that is compared with i7-7700 and GTX 1070
  7. clive6354

    GTX 1080 to 1080ti upgrade

    Thanks for the reply, therefore would you say that the performance increase is not worth the upgrade? Upgrading my processor would be better?
  8. clive6354

    GTX 1080 to 1080ti upgrade

    Hello I am trying to find out the experience of someone who has used an I7-7700 processor and 4K monitor with a GTX 1080 Graphics card upgraded to a 1080ti with PMDG aircraft and is pleased with the performance increase in relation to cost of upgrade. I have the opportunity to upgrade from GTX1080 to GTX1080ti (Asus Rog Strix 11GB) for approximately £500. I would be interested to know if the performance increase between the two graphics cards warrants the £500 cost Clive Alexander
  9. clive6354

    LINDA V3.03

    Hello where do i find the d/load link for LINDA V3.03? I wish to use LINDA with P3dD v4.2 and require the latest version so that it recognises and finds my FSUIPC settings Clive Alexander
  10. clive6354

    Problem starting Chaseplane

    OK this is getting silly. The present situation is that I can get chaseplane to work in P3D v 4.2 but the interface does not load it freezes on the initialisation window. I decided to uninstall until I can get technical help. I restarted P3D and ChasePlane began to work including the interface. Can someome please explain to me what is going on and how I can resolve this situation? I think it may have something to do with simmconnect
  11. clive6354

    Problem starting Chaseplane

    I had expected that chaseplane would load independant of P3D but no Joy. A member of this group suggested loading P3D and then Chaseplane. I tried this and to my surprise it worked. I closed P3D and ChasePlane and then attempted to load Chaseplane independently, this time it worked
  12. clive6354

    Problem starting Chaseplane

    Thought I had resolved the issue but the same thing has happened again. I tried to uninstall as before but this time no success in getting it working again what is happening?
  13. clive6354

    Problem starting Chaseplane

    resolved.I deleted the software also cleared registry of chaseplane entries. re-installed and all ok
  14. hello I attempted to start chaseplane in P3D v4.2 but the initialisation appears to freeze. I have re-installed the software without success. Please can you give advice on how to resolve this issue Clive Alexander
  15. Hello Is it possible to operate PMDG aircraft with a touchscreen monitor? I am interested in a TouchScreen monitor 28" 4K but it appears these specifications are not possible, is this correct? Clive Alexander