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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED I re-installed ENVTEX (must have replaced the textures to thier original state before I deleted them) I deleted the shaders folder again, restarted P3D and all back to normal I am now running AS16 + ASCA + ENVTEX Lesson to be learnt "delete software correctly" but a valuable learning curve for resolving a problem Thank you for your assistance
  2. No I did not do that
  3. Deleted the Shaders folder but no joy
  4. Checked Control Panel, all appears OK It appears that the CTD happens when Active Sky is trying to intsall the weather textures. I had deleted ENVTEX I am going to try and re-install ENVTEX and see if it makes any differnce
  5. sorry for the confusion I had used the wrong name. I have the correct version for P3dv4 installed it is build 6403
  6. My P3D v4 CTD when I run AS16. Can anyone advise. I had been experimentining with software REX and ENVTEX and ASCA (now deleted). I have deleted Active Sky for P3Dv4 and ASCA When I re-installed AS16 and ran it the software conneted to P3D v4 and the CTD Clive Alexander
  7. Hello I am using Hotas Warthog Throttle with B737NGX As the the throttle levers are advanced for take-off then during flight auto throttle is selected the throttle levers in a real aircraft will move in relation the the amount of engine power required but the levers on my Warthog throttle remain stationary and will not be co-rdinated, therefore, if and when return to manual throttle control how can I determine the correct position that the levers on my Wathog should be in to take manual control Is there anyway that the Warthog throttle levers can be programmed to move in relation the the amount of power requested co-ordinated with the thrust levers on the pedestal Clive Alexander
  8. Hello I have sorted the problem. I can now continue configure the software fully
  9. where do i find your e.mail
  10. Is it the Linda2 .log file you require? how do I attach a file in this forum?
  11. Thank you for your response I have dowloaded and unzipped and placed the two folders (PMDG 737 MODULE) into the modules folder in P3d v4 PMDG 737-800 NGX is in the box at the top and when I click on FSX SYNC P3D is ihighligted in orange, i think this is wrong as it should be the name of the aircraft that should be highlighted Can you advise further
  12. Hello I am using P3d v4 and have FSUIPC v5 (registered) I have installed LINDA 3.01 (711) I am using PMDG 737 I am trying to assign actions to the switches on my Hotas Warthog Throttle (which I am unable to do using FSUIPC) Is there a video or step by step tutorial to explain how I assign a switch to carry out a command using LINDA? I have read the manual and finding the process difficult (I have missed something) Guidance and advice would be so welcome
  13. I have watched this video file many times but the version of FSUIPC in this video is not FSUIPC 5 and version 5 does not support mouse micros which makes mapping of many buttons and swiches very difficult
  14. Hello I am trying to set up my Thrustmaster Warthog within P3D v4 using a registered copy of FSUIPC5. I require guidance and advice on the procedure. I understand that several of the buttons and switches require macros to be setup in order for them to work but FSUIPC5 does not support the macro feature. I understand that there is a procedure to map buttons and switces without using macros but I am findind the procedure too dificult to use. Can anyone assist or guide me step by step in setting up my Thrustmaster Warthog are there any tutorials or guides for dummies? Clive Alexander