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  1. I am running FSX-SE and have Scenery Config v1.1.7 installed and would like to uninstall. The product does not have of a website where you can get info (not that I can find) Can anyone lead me in the right direction for info on how to uninstall this program? With FSX when you mess about with the scenery .cfg file your in dangerous territory. Of all info that comes with the program I can not find any info on what you need to do when uninstalling this program. Thanks
  2. On Steve's website he says ( Please ensure that FSX DX10 Preview mode performs satisfactorily on your PC before purchase. ) What is the qualifier ? In DX10 preview mode , I have a lot of black rectangles on the ground other than that the scenery looks fine. Also (some aircraft have no textures outside or in the 3D cockpit view.) Does this mean the DX10 fixer would be ok for me to purchase? I take it that the aircraft that have no textures would still not have textures even with the fixer. Thanks
  3. Plane2

    Wildlife+ support

    The link above is no longer valid. I am sure I have that Side by side problem. Any chance someone would still have the alternative exe file? I have tried reaching Richard by e mail but I have not gotten a reply as of yet. Thanks