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  1. many thanks Jean-Luc, yes the TG build worked for me very well! But now I am struggling with insertion of the screenshot.
  2. Hi Jean-Luc, unfortunately i can't, because i faced a new problem: x-plane hangs ( waiting 0% CPU) during plugin initialization. I need to deactivate the RXP plugins, restart x-plane and re install the devices again via the plugin menue of x-plane. Than ist works as described in my initial post. After shutting down x-Plane and at any following restart x-plane hangs at plugin initialization. BTW: I couln't find a way to attach files with the post - sorry! Here is the Log.txt file:
  3. Hello, I installed the GTN 750/650 to the STMA PC12. I intended to install the 750 as GPS1 on top of the 650 as GPS2. While with the 750 everything works well, at the spot of the 650 only the bezel of the 750 appears at the cockpit panel with a dark screen. However clicking on this bezel opens the 650 window which works fine too. What I want to achieve is, that the content of the 650 screen is shown within the bezel. Many thanks in advance for help 😏 The ini file:
  4. Please post a screenshot if possible what do you mean by "AI replay" ?
  5. Problem solved! Owing to Dave's support it turned out, that sqlservr.exe was not running on my system.
  6. hi, after upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10 by Windows10Upgrade I got the message "the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142) Click OK to close the application". All other applications and programs (X-Plane, P3D, etc.) are running without any problems. Thanks in advance for any hints, Dscho
  7. O.K. many thanks for the info 😀
  8. many thanks Tim - although my prob looks a bit different, i will give it a try!
  9. Hello Mooney pilots, bought recently the M20 Ovation and have serious problems with keeping the aircraft straight on taxiway or runway. I am aware of p-factor, propwash and torque of the engine etc. At low speeds situation is somewhat manageable, but at higher speed during the takeoff run it is almost uncontrollable: the aircraft veers to the left (caused by p-factor etc.) then I apply right rudder: no reaction, the a/c still veers leftwards, applying more right rudder, again no reaction, more right rudder then suddenly the aircraft turns VERY sharply to the right, then kicking fully down the left pedal has absolutely no effect, the aircraft goes wildly the right only after a while the aircraft starts to turn back. It looks like that there is a (too long) time lag between a control input and the reaction of the flight model. First I thought, that the null zone of the rudder is the culprit, but narrowing the null zone to 5, showed no effect. And yes, of course I have calibrated all control axes. My questions to you Mooney pilots are: 1 Did you experience the same behavior? 2. Did I miss a particular setting? ( I am with P3D v4.4) Experiences and comments are highly appreciated - thank you, Dscho
  10. thanks Dan, to be sure: i need not to run the OC before uninstalling the base NGX ? - i still don't have any extra livery installed.
  11. Hey, now i am a bit confused: if the OC is a new function of SP1d, how can i run it before uninstalling the base, if i still haven't installed the SP1d ?
  12. many thanks for enlightenment - as you can perceive, i am really not a very experienced NGX user.
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