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  1. many thanks Tim - although my prob looks a bit different, i will give it a try!
  2. Hello Mooney pilots, bought recently the M20 Ovation and have serious problems with keeping the aircraft straight on taxiway or runway. I am aware of p-factor, propwash and torque of the engine etc. At low speeds situation is somewhat manageable, but at higher speed during the takeoff run it is almost uncontrollable: the aircraft veers to the left (caused by p-factor etc.) then I apply right rudder: no reaction, the a/c still veers leftwards, applying more right rudder, again no reaction, more right rudder then suddenly the aircraft turns VERY sharply to the right, then kicking fully down the left pedal has absolutely no effect, the aircraft goes wildly the right only after a while the aircraft starts to turn back. It looks like that there is a (too long) time lag between a control input and the reaction of the flight model. First I thought, that the null zone of the rudder is the culprit, but narrowing the null zone to 5, showed no effect. And yes, of course I have calibrated all control axes. My questions to you Mooney pilots are: 1 Did you experience the same behavior? 2. Did I miss a particular setting? ( I am with P3D v4.4) Experiences and comments are highly appreciated - thank you, Dscho
  3. Dscho

    Service Pack 1 d essential ?

    O.K.thanks again :smile:
  4. Dscho

    Service Pack 1 d essential ?

    thanks Dan, to be sure: i need not to run the OC before uninstalling the base NGX ? - i still don't have any extra livery installed.
  5. Dscho

    Service Pack 1 d essential ?

    Hey, now i am a bit confused: if the OC is a new function of SP1d, how can i run it before uninstalling the base, if i still haven't installed the SP1d ?
  6. Dscho

    Service Pack 1 d essential ?

    many thanks for enlightenment - as you can perceive, i am really not a very experienced NGX user.
  7. Dscho

    Service Pack 1 d essential ?

    Thanks @ The Undecided and pcubine! please what is the OC? Even after racking my brain i didn't get it
  8. Hi all, i just installed the 737 NGX in FSX - i bought it already at end of 2014 from aerosoft. My question now is: is it required to install SP1D? I don't use FSX:SE, does it achieve any other improvements? Many thanks in advance, Dscho
  9. Oh sorry ... believe me, it was certainly not my intention to blame someone here, i only was curious why there was no reference of the events mentioned in my initial post, because i was not aware of the established policies for announcements. Now i know it and i fully accept that and am quite fine with it. But at the end please allow me one remark: i consider - and surely many others do so - Avsim and (forgive me) FlightSim as premium sites in flight simulation affairs and i regularly browse the frontpages of both sites to look for the latest news, rumors and randoms. But if there is no mention of some relatively important incidents, the feeling might arise, that this events passed by Avsim without being recognized or worse, are being ignored. Yours sincerely, Dietrich Stoeckl
  10. Dear editorial team of AVSIM, recently i was somewhat marveled, that there was no evidence at all about 2 key announcements of the X-plane world on the front page of your otherwise outstanding site: the IXEG 737-300 on April, 24th and EADT x737 on May 1st. Maybe that I missed it somehow, if so please apologize. Dietrich Stoeckl
  11. Dscho

    AI Traffic

    Mike, my experience was, when I am tuned in to a particular frequency (i.e. CLD, Ground, Tower etc.) I can hear all the communication of the stock ATC from FSX. Strangely enough is only, that P2A mostly assigns an other runway than FSX ATC Moreover you will get traffic alerts, if AI traffic comes within an adjustable distance to your aircraft. Dscho
  12. Hello community, using Windows 7, I have to settle with "Anna" , which I - and many others too - don`t like very well and moreover only one voice is a bit boring! Searching the net for voices for Windows 7 I only found some payware voices ( IVONA and acapella) which sounds really good and natural, but are at lush 39 EUR each ( IVONA are offered with a 30 days trial period) So I want you guys to ask how did you handle this issue. Which voices do you use? Is it possible to install the voices of Windows 8 or 10 in Windows 7? Have you found any other voices ? And finally one question to P2A: would it possible to include some voices in a future version? Thanks and have a nice day Dscho
  13. Dscho

    Which Nav Database uses P2A ?

    Many thanks Dave, I wonder where the nav database is stored: inspecting the installation directory of P2A I couldn't see any evidence of a navigation database. I am asking this, because, while creating a flight plan, some important fixes i.e. an endpoint of a SID (which is available in X-Plane airac cycle 1413) was not found in the P2A database. For me, there is no hurry with v2, therefore give yourselves time :wink: Dscho
  14. Hello all, I am just testing the trial and it looks very promising to me, so that I likely would buy a licence. But I still have 2 questions: 1. Which navigation database does P2A use - is it possible to use / link to Navigraph? 2. If I buy the current version now, would then be an upgrade to v2 available, or should I wait until v2 is out? Thank in advance for any hints, Dscho