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  1. Got to spread it like wildfire! Running for El Presidente de la Asociación Concilio de Estudiantes... #vote for me SCA President 2011-12!

  2. Aced the English College freshman test with flying colors!!! Two points away from a perfect score! #Blessed and highly favored am I!

  3. At Applebee's with Lania getting ready to take our college english placement test soon! #Goodday

  4. Sitting down watching mom feed Baby Mason :D

  5. Cannot wait until i enroll @ Liberty University School of Areonautics!! So excited about flying... Want to fly into Leesburg executive KJYO!

  6. You know when people start using hastags in text messages, they are #twitterwhipped hahaha!

  7. Seria un mal idea si Obama liberar los fotos de Osama Bin Laden, porque otro pais, por ejemplo Pakistan, seria responder negativamente.

  8. New iOS notifications concept http://t.co/MLFNd4l

  9. Fmr. Secretary Condoleezza Rice on #osama http://t.co/ozC83Vc Love reading the blogs of the "big five" then comparing it to Rices views.

  10. How did osama's body withstand a drone plane attack? Can you say smitherines??

  11. School has really tortured me! Tests, Essays, and a lot of homework has kept me from my friends. I will come back! #That1Friend has returned


    #bestdayever ? Hardly. But my day has been better than those of #japan. #prayforJapan is what I'm doing! Are you? Relay4life mting tomorrow!

  13. Believes #Apple is on drugs. New MacBook, iPad 2, iPhone CDMA, & now an iPhone 5? Before you can breath, Apple spits out a new product!

  14. Laying in bed doing what we all need to do, #prayforJapan in order to #saveourworld.

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