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  1. Hello, I am trying to discover where the option to display the airway/jetway column might be. I can add a flight plan that has jetways using the add by route description feature but then I seem to no longer see those jetways identified in the flight plan. It appears that the online manual suggests there might be a display of the jetways used for a flight added via the Jetways generation. I have discovered that by re-opening the "New flight plan from Route Description" that the route with jetways is then available to copy as needed. This feature seems to provide what I need to transfer the flight details to ACARS or wherever I need so my question is only directed at the LNM plan display.
  2. Hello, I have been looking at the instructions and have a question regarding the default scenery items (..\scenery\0302\scenery\) to hide. You mention files like BRX27220.bgl (ok-found) cvx27220.bgl (not-found) but I find cvx2722.bgl but I do see OBX27220.bgl. Am I missing something here? The same naming convention seems to repeat in the other directories and in FSX-SE.
  3. Alex, Thanks so much for your help. I made the change and it is working like a charm. Obviously my original interpretation of the required URL did not conclude that it needed a direct link to the whazzup file as the "test" button seemed to like what I had done. Darryl
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have sent a message to you through this forum with the details.
  5. Hello, I am trying to determine if the whazzup.txt file that is available from my JoinFS hub can be used to display AI aircraft on LNM. I can enter the URL and click on Test with positive results but see nothing change on the display. Perhaps I am missing an important setting or not understanding what this is supposed to do ? Thanks for any help offered !
  6. Not sure if anyone has also had issues with this feature but I can vouch for a work-around in P3Dv4.3 With the aircraft in manual climb engage AP and ALT function at a safe altitude. Turn your attention to the other AP gauges to the left of the comm panel. Click on ALT on the right side one and then you can change the value up or down as desired using the knob on that gauge. The aircraft will respond. To change VS click on the VS button and change the VS value to suit.
  7. Hello, I have purchased both the FSX and P3D versions of the 777-200 Base. Looking for some help as I am at my tech limit with the problem that I am experiencing. Thanks for reading this and if PMDG sees this and replies I would be most grateful. *************************************************************************************************************** Hardware: Asus Sabertooth P67 Bios 3602,i7-2600K OC 4.2,16 Gb 1600 DDR3,EVGA FTW 970 OC (new) Windows 10-64, Acer 28" UHD 2k4k Monitor using DVI (Sims set to 1920x1080) FSX-SE & P3D V3.2 Recent History: FSX Accel & P3D V3.1 (including all remaining directories/files) removed from system and all registry entries cleared. Installed fresh: FSX-SE, FSUIPC (full), FSCopilot/FSInn,Pilots FTX Global Mesh, FTX Global Base, FTX GLobal Vector, FTX Global Airports, FTX Trees HD, PMDG 777-200 Base Pack (Downloaded this week from PMDG site) Installed fresh: P3D V3.2 Pro, FSUIPC (full with VAS monitor on title bar), Migration Tool,FSCopilot/FSInn, Pilots FTX Global Mesh, FTX Global Base, FTX GLobal Vector, FTX Global Airports, FTX Trees HD, PMDG 777-200 Base Pack (Downloaded this week from PMDG site) P3D configured with default settings. Graphics set to a wide aspect and lower level for using 777. (1920x1080 and FPS set to 20) P3D Flight: From WSSS to OBBI using PFPX flight plan. Weather: Clear ; Time: Daytime Progress: Take off and climb with no issues. After ~ 3 hours of flying the sim begins to stop and start with a short stop followed by a period of smooth activity. This stopping then begins to increase occurences and the delay before the sim starts responding again increases. Eventually the sim can sit there for 15 seconds followed by 5 seconds of activity before the process repeats. The scenario is saved (requires patience). The PC is rebooted. The sim is reloaded. The 777 is set as the first plane at a default location. The scenario is the loaded resulting in the continuation of a smooth flight. Once again after ~2.5 hours the stop/start begins anew. The Virtual memory indicatd by FSUIPC is never less that ~1.5 gb. Is this a P3D problem? Try the same flight on FSX-SE. Reconfigure FSX-SE to use wideaspectview and lowered graphics settings. Load sim with 777. Use the same flight plan. Virtual Mem although lower than P3D shows no apparent issue. After ~2.5 hours the sim begins to exhibit the same stop and start that was experienced with P3D. Conclusion: It is not a P3D problem as this only happens with the PMDG 777 Base Pack and it also is happeing with FSX-SE. All other aircraft including the Aerosoft A318-A321 packages work flawlessly. Something is amiss but as this is happeing with both sims then the issue almost seems to point to the PMDG 777 or how it plays with my computer. Any suggestions?
  8. An update..... Today I decided to look at little closer at what things were happening. I noticed that my remote FS Commander session stopped reporting after some time. I then made sure that my FSUIPC was up to date...it was not. I started the tutorial process again and went through the same process. The stalls during setup of the CDU did not appear. I connected my FS Commander and carried on. After a few minutes I got a stall for 10 seconds, then after a while another and then they started to happend more regularly. After an hour FS Commander stopped reporting and the FSX menu no longer showed an option for FSUIPC. .. I then saved the flight, stopped FSX and removed the existing fsuipc.ini file. I started FSX and loaded the saved flight but I did not connect the WideFS Client and its FS Commander. The flight went on without a single stall. I will try this again on a new flight to see if this truly identifed my issue.
  9. I am a recent purchaser of PMDG and the 777. I have just started to go through the tutorial after making certain that my FSX and PC configuration were up to recommendations. While programming the CDU I noticed that FSX would stall for about 15-30 seconds and then continue. This carried on throughout the setup. I was able to get started and get part way through the flight but the stalls just got worse even with little scenery. I saved the flight and restarted the PC, reloaded the flight and after 3 or 4 minutes the stalls started again. This does not happen with any other aircraft. I note that others are also having this type of problem. I shall simply put the plane away until I see some concrete responses from PMDG as it is not useable in its present state. Darryl Wightman Georgetown Ont. ORDERID IS: 238685
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