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  1. I have been moving the folder whenever I need to update so no loss. Just glad that there was a solution.
  2. No luck. I made sure that the aircraft was installed in the MSFS Community Folder and not a link to another location. My sim files location: what I selected for exclusion using 'Add Directory...': the result:
  3. I shall try to exclude the aircraft in the Load Scenery options. I had done that at first but my entries were seemingly disregarded by your scanner.
  4. Today I removed all traces of the aircraft and re-ran the Load Scenery Library. everything appeared to work as expected. I then re-downloaded the aircraft from the source, completed a clean install and then re-ran LNM build. It failed the same way. Error reading "G:/MicrosoftFlighSimulator/Community/sws-aircraft-zenith701-wheels/SimObjects/Airplanes/SWS_Zenith701_wheels/Checklist/Library.xml" on line 520 column 19: Premature end of document. I will send you a PM with the link to the zipped file.
  5. I have an SimWorkStudios addon that prior to the latest LNM version allowed scenery Library loading without issues. Using V 2.6.11 the "Load scenery Library" errors out when it looks at a particular xml file that is part of an airplanes checklist files. Attempting to exclude the directory/file does not seem to help. I can provide further details/files. *************************************************** Error reading "G:/MicrosoftFlighSimulator/Community/sws-aircraft-zenith701-wheels/SimObjects/Airplanes/SWS_Zenith701_wheels/Checklist/Library.xml" on line 520 column 19: Premature end of document. ****************************************************
  6. Is there presently way to quickly add a userpoint based upon the aircraft location (static)? If not would it be possible to do so or alternatively have a way to copy the aircraft lat/lon to the clipboard?
  7. Thanks for the hint. I compared the airport with and without the added "new" Asobo KATL. ( I temporarily moved the KATL from the official to a temp spot and reran the database build) The default shows the ID's while there are differences with the new one. Perhaps the taxi way overlays in the new one are the culprits?
  8. Hi, I have noticed some strangeness recently with updated airports and the visibility of taxiway ID's. I use KATL for many flights and up until the recent MSFS USA update these appeared at KATL. Now even after rebuilding the database KATL displays no taxiway ID letters and I have set details to maximum and zoomed in as much as possible.
  9. I have been testing MSFS add-ons using the Community folder. Like others I have run into a specific issue with Orbx 1S2 Darrington. When I remove that one airport the database update works without issue. I then add the item back in and try to exclude that one folder but it continues to fail. Note that the item in the Community folder is a link to another location where Orbx stores its files. Is it possible that these links are not being handled the way they should ? The exclude shows the linked location. Here is a view of the exclusion: Snip from log: [2020-09-21 9:09:05.765 DEBUG]: [453] [2020-09-21 9:09:05.765 DEBUG]: 104: "delete from tmp_airway_point where airway_point_id not in ( select max(airway_point_id) from tmp_airway_point group by name, type, mid_type, mid_ident, mid_region, next_type, next_ident, next_region, previous_type, previous_ident, previous_region )" [2020-09-21 9:09:06.171 DEBUG]: [0] [2020-09-21 9:09:06.171 DEBUG]: -- Done Running script ------------------------------------------ [2020-09-21 9:09:06.878 CRIT ]: Caught exception: NOT NULL constraint failed: tmp_waypoint.ident Unable to fetch row. SqlQuery::exec(): Error executing query. Query is "insert into tmp_waypoint select waypoint_id, case when type == 'V' then 'V' when type == 'N' then 'N' else 'O' end as type, ident, region, lonx, laty from waypoint". [2020-09-21 9:10:26.576 DEBUG]: Closing database "C:/Users/Owner/AppData/Roaming/ABarthel\\little_navmap_db\\little_navmap_compiling.sqlite" [2020-09-21 9:10:26.591 INFO ]: Closed database "C:/Users/Owner/AppData/Roaming/ABarthel\\little_navmap_db\\little_navmap_compiling.sqlite" [2020-09-21 9:10:26.591 DEBUG]: void atools::sql::SqlDatabase::close() Removed "C:/Users/Owner/AppData/Roaming/ABarthel\\little_navmap_db\\little_navmap_compiling.sqlite-journal" [2020-09-21 9:10:26.638 INFO ]: Removed "C:/Users/Owner/AppData/Roaming/ABarthel\\little_navmap_db\\little_navmap_compiling.sqlite"
  10. Try adding waypoints in reverse order; that is, adding backwards from the destination.
  11. Hello, I am trying to discover where the option to display the airway/jetway column might be. I can add a flight plan that has jetways using the add by route description feature but then I seem to no longer see those jetways identified in the flight plan. It appears that the online manual suggests there might be a display of the jetways used for a flight added via the Jetways generation. I have discovered that by re-opening the "New flight plan from Route Description" that the route with jetways is then available to copy as needed. This feature seems to provide what I need to transfer the flight details to ACARS or wherever I need so my question is only directed at the LNM plan display.
  12. Hello, I have been looking at the instructions and have a question regarding the default scenery items (..\scenery\0302\scenery\) to hide. You mention files like BRX27220.bgl (ok-found) cvx27220.bgl (not-found) but I find cvx2722.bgl but I do see OBX27220.bgl. Am I missing something here? The same naming convention seems to repeat in the other directories and in FSX-SE.
  13. Alex, Thanks so much for your help. I made the change and it is working like a charm. Obviously my original interpretation of the required URL did not conclude that it needed a direct link to the whazzup file as the "test" button seemed to like what I had done. Darryl
  14. Thanks for the reply. I have sent a message to you through this forum with the details.
  15. Hello, I am trying to determine if the whazzup.txt file that is available from my JoinFS hub can be used to display AI aircraft on LNM. I can enter the URL and click on Test with positive results but see nothing change on the display. Perhaps I am missing an important setting or not understanding what this is supposed to do ? Thanks for any help offered !
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